TBL 11×07 – Eat 5,000 calories guilt-free by not giving a fuck!

Previously on The Biggest Loser Team Blue suffered another setback, losing another team challenge and thus having to eliminate another member of their team. This time they chose to send Anna home.

Tonight, Shannan’s got to try and get his team to work together before they’re all eliminated.

Later, The Arena is another team challenge with a 2kg weight advantage at the weigh in to play for. Needless to say, Blue better smash it!

First up, training! Shannan’s disappointed Anna went home, but he’s trying not to focus on it. Amy’s the last girl left, it’s not a boy’s club is it? No, Amy says, she’s been training with the boys over the weekend. It’s fine. Who takes charge in training? Who’s in charge of strategy?

Crickets! Nobody’s in charge. Shannan tells us Libby’s team is always working together, in harmony, playing off each other’s strengths. Shannan tells them their individual efforts yesterday were great but their communication and teamwork let them down. Today’s training session will focus on getting them to work together. So this should be fun!

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TBL 11×06 – Can Team Blue win anything, ever, or are they DOOMED?

Previously on The Biggest Loser Transformed… a day without an elimination! Dr Andrew Rochford revealed how much disgusting fat the contestants were all carrying around without mentioning it’s perfectly normal to have some fat in your body.

Sarah Wilson talked a bunch of crap about sugar and then had the contestants cook some healthy-ish alternatives to everyone’s favourite chocolate biscuit thing, Wagon Wheels!

Tonight it’s another big team challenge, with an elimination looming at the end.

Back at Camp Biggest Loser Team Orange has exclusive use of all the gym equipment, so Team Blue are at a big disadvantage, Orange thinks. Easy to get your heart rate up in the gym, harder outside it.

Team Blue are… standing around talking about what they could do, instead of doing it! They’ve all recognised that a lack of equipment will be a problem when they get home as well, so they’re coming up with ideas like shadow boxing, pushups and running laps of their tennis court. There’s also a running track up and over a hill.

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TBL 11×05 – Sarah Wilson is an anti-vax nutjob with no medical or scientific qualifications.

Previously on The Biggest Loser we witnessed the first weigh-in of the season, along with the revamped elimination process. After falling below the yellow line in the losing team, Sarah, Matt and Amy faced The Arena, an elimination challenge.

Matt put in his first strong performance for the season and was safe after the first round on the spinbikes, then Sarah failed to hold out against a deceptively strong Amy in the marathon portion of the challenge. It remains to be seen what future challenges will be faced in The Arena, but so far… do we like it? Sound off in the comments below!

Meanwhile, on with the show. Tonight on The Biggest Loser… More breakdowns and breakthroughs, especially with the Blue Team who have now lost two contestants.

Also, bestselling cookbook lady Sarah Wilson is in the house/kitchen thing for some more learning about food and diet stuff. She has no formal or informal but well-regarded qualifications in any relevant field and has expressed unfounded concerns regarding the safety and efficacy of vaccines. You should not listen to her.

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TBL 11×04 – Welcome to Thunderdome! Three fatties enter, two fatties leave!

Previously on The Biggest Loser we were only three episodes into the season and an elimination has already taken place. Poor old Jenny was sent home by Team Blue, mostly because she volunteered, so it wasn’t that sad.

Tonight we’re treated to the first weigh-in of the season. And then the losing team will be facing up to another elimination, but this season it’s different! The three lowest weightlosing contestants will face off in some kind of arena based competition… to the death?

Probably not to the death. The show isn’t that grim.

Don’t forget, we get to vote this year on who ultimately wins the show, based on the best transformation overall. Start saving your pennies, kids!

For now, the very first time having last chance training for the year. Jenny’s gone, Shannan asks what happened. Jenny was worried she might have to leave anyway so she was happy to go home. Matt also volunteered, Shannan asks him if he still wants to be there, and how much does he want to be there? 70%, Matt says. Which isn’t good enough for anyone.

Brett asks if we’d be happy getting 70% of your wages for the week. Dunno, ask a woman?

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TBL 11×03 – Headshrinking, artistry and an elimination. Yes, already!

Previously on The Biggest Loser Transformed the contestants set their benchmark fitness levels and had their very first cooking lesson cum cooking challenge.

Tonight, breakdowns and breakthroughs. Many tears in the gym, many tears with the new psychologist. And then an elimination challenge, a version of the old Stacks On, where contestants have to hold a loaded bar on their shoulders. Presumably the last one still holding their bar will win, but will the first to drop be out?

Shannan’s team turns up for training, they’re all still buzzing from the win at the cooking challenge yesterday. They inform Shannan they’ve got an advantage in the elimination challenge and Shannan is surprised there’s one already, but nevermind that. Did everyone train this morning? Yes! Except Jenny, who wasn’t feeling well that morning. Nevermind that either, Shannan’s not ready to let any of them go yet. Time to introduce some competition to… the competition. Shannan’s going to set some goals for each of them, if they achieve the goal they pass, if they don’t they fail.

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