TBL 10×12 – And Jodie’s Just Like, I Can’t Even

Previously on The Biggest Loser we said goodbye to Kayla at the weekly elimination as the Jofre/Auvale alliance kicked in.

Then at The Game the Jofres won yet another advantage of some kind. What is it? We find out tonight!

Tonight! The Pestells are at it again, bitching and moaning and fighting amongst themselves instead of training. Poor Shannan.

Later, former winner of The Biggest Loser and current fireman Sam Rouen is going to run the contestants through some of his firefighting training. Looking forward to seeing that but first we have to eat our greens, in the form of more Pestell bickering.

As the episode picks up the Jofres walk into the lounge to tell the other teams what was in the case. In the case was a set of four discs with the team names on them. And it means the Jofres will get to choose which sole person from their family will represent them at weigh in. Who goes under the line will be decided based on single effort, so nobody can slack off this week in case they get put up as their representative.

Anyway, time to train! Mish reminds her team that if they’re going to play the game hard they’ve got to train hard. Mish tells us it’s going to be hard to keep track of everyone else’s movements, though the Jofres think it’ll be easy to keep track of their exercises and dietary intake. Wonder if they’ll get it right?

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TBL 10×11 – It’s All About The Game, And How You Play It

Previously on The Biggest Loser a tumble at the weekly challenge saw Sylvia off to hospital for some torn ligaments. Fortunately she can continue in the competition, though she’ll be in a boot for a few weeks and restricted to primarily upper body workouts.

At the weigh in the trainers were the ones getting snippy with each other for a change as the alliances between the teams aren’t sitting well with Shannan and Tiffiny – they’re on the wrong side of the balance sheet, so of course they’re not happy.

Tonight we find out whether the Auvales and Jofres will vote to send Kayla from the Hailwoods or Mel from the Pestells home. The Auvales have been telling us they’re determined to wipe out the white team but Kayla’s sob story on the scales may save her bacon. The Jofres have four votes, after all, while the Auvales only have three.

Later, recriminations! Why did they send someone home, they’re such awful people for doing what they’re supposed to do because it’s a competition.

Then we’ll catch up with an eliminated contestant’s “amazing transformation”. The intro only shows her lower half but it looks too big to be Kayla so unless she packed on weight while she was gone, it’s Mel going home? Hmm. Might be deceptively edited, we’ll see.

Let’s find out! The contestants are trundling into the elimination room to say hi to Fiona and find out who’s going to face the music this time.

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TBL 10×10 – Run To The Whale-Weigh Station!

Previously on The Biggest Loser the Hailwoods and the Pestells got angry with each other and then seemingly made up and the Auvales and Jofres entered into an official alliance, purely because the Auvales want to kick the Hailwoods out.

Tonight the trainers are going to get stroppy with each other during the weigh in. Looks like Shannan’s not happy about the alliance between Michelle and Commando’s teams, which he seems to be suggesting is due to their burgeoning relationship.

Also, a weigh in happens, which means someone will face elimination. Probably tomorrow. And then that will cause more dramas. And then they still have to lose a bunch of weight either way because they’re all still really big right now…

But first tonight, the end of the challenge. Lots of chasing around and around. And did Sylvia break something when she fell over or was it just a nasty sprain? Obviously they’re hoping it’s not too serious, lest she be sent home from Camp.

Moses is the last of the black team in the race and he’s determined to eliminate the white team. Payback time! Now he doesn’t have Johnee holding him back he can run a lot faster. The red team only has to jog to stay ahead of white this time while Moses catches up to the Hailwoods.

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TBL 10×09 – Post Temptation Training, Bonus Trainers!

Previously on The Biggest Loser a shock departure from the show caused ripples, though not the ones you might expect. Rina from the Auvales was sent home at elimination but all the Pestells wanted to talk about was how hard done by they felt.


The Game can also be Temptation, not just puzzles and strange building challenges. Tony ate the most calories in order to win and tonight we find out whether it was worth it and just how furious Michelle will be with her team.

Speaking of Michelle, do you think she has a baby Commando inside her yet? Probably too soon, huh? Tiny fit scary baby!

Tonight is also the night we find out if the Hailwoods are going to lose a family member to some kind of injury during a challenge. Or will they make us wait until Sunday to find out? Hmm.

But first, it’s still raining at Camp Biggest Loser but everyone’s working out. Some of them look to be working out a little harder than others *coughAlicough*.

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TBL 10×08 – Elimination Time! And Temptation! And Argumentation, Again!

Previously on The Biggest Loser nobody lost particularly good numbers on the scales and there was a lot of shouting and arguing, particularly between the White Hailwoods and the Blue Pestells.

Tonight the Pestells and Auvales face elimination. Who will face the music for each team tonight?

Later, Kayla reveals a secret to Tiffiny in training and then the food van arrives for the first Temptation of the year. Though maybe it’s “The Game” now.

But first, elimination discussions. The Hailwoods are upset at having to do it again but not as upset as they would be if they had to face elimination themselves. They’re weighing up who is likely to be put up and they think Moses from the Auvales will be up again and people will vote him out because Rina won’t cope without him, Kayla says. Nor will Johnee. Kayla doesn’t like the Pestells, but they might become an ally later on. They do like the Auvales, but they’re a massive threat. Big dilemma!

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