TBL 10×34 – Super Duper Challenge And Duper Super Weigh In!

Previously on The Biggest Loser the Super Duper Iron Man Or Woman Or Whatever Second Chance Challenge Thingy kicked off. Three places back in the competition are up for grabs and, as usual, a Jofre is in the lead.

When we left them on Tuesday night Tony’s crossed the finish line first and is trying to pick which plate of food has the lowest number of calories. Or is at least in the bottom three, so he can get back into the house.

In a surprise twist, Ali’s in second place after an incredibly strong performance in the kayaking leg. Could she be a surprise return to the house? Maybe she can redeem herself this time?

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TBL 10×33 – Super Iron Man Challenge Time Is Go!

Previously on The Biggest Loser Tony was sent “home” at elimination but then immediately came back with all the other eliminated contestants for the second chance draw!

Fiona is promising an epic Super Challenge to decide which 3 contestants will return to the competition. Should be super fun and Tony will probably win comfortably!

Also tonight a look back at everyone’s audition tapes. Expect tears!

But first it’s time to get back into training for the eliminated contestants. Lots of people talking a big game.

Tiff and Shannan have the contestants out on the sandpit. In the rain. Jodie does not look at all happy! Shannan is trying to perk her up, but she’s remaining a sourpuss. Everyone else is having a grand old time.

This could be their last training session at Camp Biggest Loser. Who wants to get back in, Tiff asks. Everyone but Jodie puts her hand up. She wanted to be there yesterday, but overnight she’s changed her mind. Oh dear.

Mel’s still there with a grin on her face. Much rather see her back!

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TBL 10×32 – Tony v Rob Elimination. Tense.

Previously on The Biggest Loser two of the Jofres put on weight at the weekly weigh in. Two! Tony and Rob. Now they face elimination together. With two Jofres voting and two Auvales neither can be too sure they’re safe. Will the Jofre boys save their brother or uncle? Will the Auvales want to send the brother or uncle home?

And then, from deep down the river, drumming. They are coming…

The eliminated contestants, not filthy orcses. They’re back for their second chance. You’d have to pick either Tony or Rob as favourite to win their way back into the house, right? Some of the contestants have worked hard on the outside though. Maybe a Moses or Sam could fight back?

We’ll see. First, elimination room time. Going to be rough going on the Jofres. None of the other teams have really had to do this before, vote out one of their own.

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TBL 10×31 – Weigh In Night Gets A Big Fat Makeover

Previously on The Biggest Loser Families Australia 2015, um… Oh, yeah, MAKEOVER WEEK! They’re taking a “whole week” for makeovers this year as not only the remaining contestants but the eliminated ones as well are receiving makeovers.

Tuesday night we saw all of the remaining contestants, plus Mel’s makeover. We saw the start of Jodie’s makeover bit but we got interrupted before finding out if she said YES to the marriage proposal from her man.

Tonight, will she say yes? Will any of the eliminated contestants look as swish as Daniel and Tony looked?

Later, the weekly weigh in. The Jofale alliance is still in effect but it’s not really going to matter as it’s definitely going to be alliance members below the line. There’s nobody else to put under the line!

Interestingly the last two trainers are Michelle and Commando Steve. They’ve been together for a while at this point but it’s still not clear when Michelle gets the tiny scary fit baby inside her. I continue to keep an eye on her belly!

First, we’re back to makeovers. I forgot we saw Kayla as well. She looked pretty nice with bright red hair and a pretty green dress.

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TBL 10×30 – You Get A Makeover! You Get A Makeover! Everybody Gets A Makeover!

Previously on The Biggest Loser poor Mel was sent home at elimination, primarily due to the all conquering Jofale alliance.

But more excitingly, Fiona announced it’s finally makeover time! The most visually interesting episode that translates the least well into a wordy recap.

This year we get makeovers of the eliminated contestants as well, which is a really nice change. Sometimes contestants would be wiped out just before makeover week when we all really, really wanted to see them get one.

Rob’s pretty happy with his look, time to check in with some of the others. Tony’s getting a lot of his hair trimmed and styled. Maybe a bit of colour in it? Still has the beard so far though.

Tony can feel the change in himself. He used to be a personal trainer as well, has a cabinet full of trophies for various sports. Mish is pleased to see that side of him coming back out.

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