The Biggest Loser: Transformed – Coming 2017 with a brand new trainer!

Interesting news! It turns out the rumours were true and trainer Michelle Bridges will not be part of the next season of The Biggest Loser Australia. And Commando Steve is also not coming back. Officially, they chose not to return, and with a shiny new baby to care for, who could blame them?

Fortunately, Shannan Ponton is returning, and this time he’ll have a brand new opponent/partner – Libby Babet!

Who? The lady on Shannan’s back!

Shannan gives Libby a piggyback ride

When she’s not riding around on Shannan, Libby is the founder of BUF Girls, “fun, themed fitness experiences you’ll get excited about!” She’s also the founder of AGOGA Bondi, where people “train like an athlete”. And co-founder of Chief Bar, which I thought must be a bar for drinking the alcoholic beverages, but is actually an all-natural protein bar.

She seems to keep herself busy, that’s for sure.

Shannan and Libby having a grin

The new subheader for the show, Transformed, also represents a shift towards “more relatable, every day Australians” taking part. Rather than the usual parade of very morbidly obese contestants, the show will focus on people who are “on the slide” towards morbid obesity. The examples given being Mums who’ve been focused on the kids and ex-athletes who’ve started packing it on.

They’re also promising an increased emphasis on nutrition, which was fun for a while the last time they tried it…

And, of course, Fiona Falkiner is returning to host the show again. She did a great job last time, and I’m not just saying that because I am deeply in love with her. I swear.

Libby goes SPROING

Applications for the new season are now open at, good luck if you throw your name in the hat!

Has the entire team of trainers been sacked? Mish says, “Whatever…”

News on a potential new season… kinda?

The perennial shit talkers at Woman’s Day claimed all four trainers – Michelle Bridges, Shannan Ponton, Tiffiny Hall and Commando Steve – have all been let go from the series.

In response, Bridges yesterday posted a fun beach photo of herself, Willis and their eight-month- old son Axel on Instagram with the caption: “Ummmm … whatever …” followed by the eggplant emoji and three “speak no evil” monkeys.

“Best emoji to describe my thoughts,” she wrote.

It’s not a denial. Michelle in particular is unlikely to care as her success outside of the show has been impressive, but the others have also done pretty well out of their time on the show.

The real question is whether the show could continue without at least Michelle or Shannan. Would anyone even want it to keep going without them?

Nothing from Princess Fiona Falkiner on this rumour. It definitely wouldn’t be worth going on without her!

[Source: The Western Australian]

What Were The Families Supposed To Be Eating This Year?

Yes, we all know Daniel Jofre won the title this year, but what were they eating? Enquiring minds wanted to know, probably, because there’s a list on a proper news site.

Mid-afternoon snack: Chocolate Brownie (from the GetCommandoFit Style plan).

Ooh, sign me up for that!

Apparently Michelle Bridges just gave the boys her cookbooks, which seems a little lazy and I kind of have my doubts the boys were doing anything so fancy as “Ricotta quinoa pancakes”.

Want more details? Go read the article. It’s interesting. And will probably make your tummy rumble, mind did.

(Thanks for the tip, Amanda!)

TBL 10×39 – FINALE! Who Will Win The Biggest Loser 2015?

Previously on The Biggest Loser Families… THE ENTIRE SEASON! If you’re only tuning in now you’re a bit late. But I guess watching the first episode and the last episode is also a valid choice.

It’s finally the finale, the final time the final remaining contestants weigh in and the final time everyone else weighs in and someone finally wins a bunch of money. Because that’s what the show is all about, giving a formerly fat person a bunch of cash to fritter away, or spend on cosmetic procedures to undo the lingering effects of drastic weight loss. Hooray!

The final three contestants this year are all from the same family, the all-conquering Jofres. Tony, Daniel and Pablo are three brothers who, with their uncle Rob, have dominated the competition all season long. It’s a battle to the finish and no matter which of the boys win it’s probably safe to assume they have the title of biggest losing family safely under their belt.

And having seen the ads I already know I’m going to be awful distracted by Princess Fiona’s sparkly glittery boobs. That’s an amazing black sparkly top she’s wearing, it really is.

Anyway, strap in. It’s going to be a bit of a… JOURNEY!

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TBL 10×38 – Penultimate Weigh In, Elimination, Elimination, Juice!

Previously on The Biggest Loser Familes we saw Tony win another challenge, gaining “Ultimate Immunity”, a pass straight to the finale tomorrow night. We also saw Sam grab a payout of $20,000 to leave the game early, as she felt she would not be able to win regardless.

Tonight, the very last weigh in at Camp Biggest Loser for the year. This one looks to be a bit different, with a red line in play as well. Possibly signifying an instant elimination for the person who has lost the least weight in the week? Two other people will be below the yellow line and two others will be safe above the line. Or, probably, Tony and one other will be safe.

Things do not look good for the last remaining contestant not of the Jofre family. Can Tenealle lose enough weight to secure her safety one last time, or is this the end of the road for the Auvale team?

This is it, people. Time to weigh in. Right after Fiona throws one last curve ball. The person who records the lowest weightloss percentage tonight will fall below the red line and will be immediately eliminated from the competition. The next two lowest will be below the yellow line and will face a vote. Only two votes, only really matters if Tenealle is above the line, huh?

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