The Biggest Loser Australia Has A New Host In 2015

Alongside the news that this year will be another Families themed season, after the debacle that was Ararat, comes the departure of popular host and former Olympian Hayley Lewis. Hayley wants to spend more time with her family, more time on her new business and more time not being told she’s been replaced, I’d guess.

This year the show will be hosted by… Season 1’s Fiona Falkiner!

Since appearing on the show Fiona has gone on to have a successful career as a plus-sized model. Though she’s not as skinny as she was at the end of the show, she’s kept on top of her weight and maintained a much healthier lifestyle. And, well, she looks fantastic.

The Biggest Loser Australia 2015 Host Fiona Falkiner

The Biggest Loser Australia 2015 Host Fiona Falkiner

I may have had a wee crush on Fiona, so this season should be fabulous for me.

Look for the new season of Biggest Loser later on this year. Masterchef at least will air before it, which makes a lot more sense when you think about it.

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Biggest Loser Sam Firefighting Beefcake

Season 3 winner Sam Rouen has not only kept the weight off, he’s become a firefighter and is now in the running to be in the 2016 fundraising calendar.

Sam was dumped in it by his mates at work but he’s using it as further motivation to keep up the hard work in the gym.

Firefighter Sam!

For more pictures and other tidbits, head to The Daily Telegraph.

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9×32 – The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia – Finale Recap

Previously on The Biggest Loser THE ENTIRE FUCKING SEASON!

Tonight it all comes to an end with the finale. Which champion from Ararat will be the most championest of all?

Eleventy weeks ago Shannan and Steve kicked off a revolution in Ararat, dubbed the fattest in the country. Given the tools and assistance they were set the goal of losing 26,000kg during the course of the show. A challenge they accepted and passed!

Lots and lots of recapped footage starts the show. Then a reminder it’s down to Sharon, Craig, Katrina and Toni for the finale tonight. They’ve worked hard for their town, hard for their families and hard for themselves.

And for the finale they’re at the town hall in Ararat. Hayley comes out on a big fancy stage in a hot pink dress to have a natter to the crowd about how the champs have done so well, worked hard, had some fun along the way. But it comes down to tonight, who did the best? Lots of cheers as Hayley announces all the final four’s names.

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The Biggest Loser Finale Rescheduled – Now Sunday!

I guess someone thought Sunday night was a better time to send out the finale, because changing the timeslot will help with the ratings!

Anyway, the finale will now air at 6.30pm on Sunday night (check local guides) until 8.30pm. So at least it’s all happening in the one night.

What’s taken Loser’s place tonight? Jamie and Jimmy’s Food Fight Club, where “celebrity chef Usain Bolt cooks up the dish that’s the secret to his success: his Aunt’s Jamaican Jerk pork”. Yep, they’ve replaced the fat people show with a cooking show. Again.

9×31 – The Penultimate Penultimate and The Punisher!

Previously on The Biggest Loser… eleven weeks of torment! Fourteen champions from Ararat (and Kevin) have been whittled down to just five.

Tonight they’re doing a revisit of The Punisher challenge from week one, with added training thrown in to make it a last chance training session.

Then a final weigh in and a final elimination. Only four get to make it to finale…

And about that. Finale will actually air over TWO NIGHTS. Tuesday and Wednesday next week. God knows why, the ratings have been appalling, just get it over with!

Sharon’s pretty happy for her final training session since she won’t have to go through that pain again but also sad because there’ll be no more Commando. They’re close, she says.

This is also the first training session since the Train the Trainer bit. So it’s going to be a good one.

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