Damien’s Profile PictureAge: 34
Height: 188
Start Weight: 206
Current Weight: 206
Target Weight: 110
Hometown: Larrakeyah
Team: Blue
MySpace: DrElephant

Damien seems to have it all. With a busy rock band that plays regularly in Darwin venues, a loving girlfriend and confidence to burn, there’s only one small – or should we say large – detail that doesn’t quite fit: the fact that he’s 216 kilos!

It just doesn’t seem right to Damien who has 6 athletic brothers and knows that under the flab, there’s a fit body waiting to be freed. He’s tired of being the odd man out in his close family and sick of the niggling paranoias that come with being so large. All his life, he’s dealt with the embarrassment of being overweight. In fact, early in his life, Damien’s parents tested him for thyroid after seeing early signs of obesity. Before moving to Darwin, the talented muso lost 40 kilos, but quickly returned to his unhealthy eating habits.

Lately, the paranoia associated with his weight has become difficult to bear. He’s even wondered if fans of his band are more interested in his talent or his extreme stage presence! As the largest competitor on the show, Damien needs The Biggest Loser to provide the discipline and expertise to achieve an incredible metamorphosis. He loves his life; now it’s time for Damien to take the dramatic steps to prolong it.

Note: This page will be updated as the series progresses!

Weightloss Progress:

  • Week 0: 216.3kg
  • Week 1: 203.2kg – LOSS: 13.1kg
  • Week 2: 201kg – LOSS: 2.2kg
  • Week 3: 193.8kg – LOSS: 7.2kg
  • Week 4: 187.1kg – LOSS 6.7kg
  • Week 5: 179.7kg – LOSS: 7.4kg
  • Week 6: 174.5kg – LOSS: 5.2kg
  • Week 7: 170.6kg – LOSS 3.9kg
  • Week 8: 173kg – GAIN: 2.4kg
  • Prelim: 162.7kg – LOSS: 4.3kg
  • More Pictures:

    Damien’s Makeover