Alex Zorzi

Name: Alex Zorzi
Age: 50
Height: 162cm
Lives: Melbourne
Status: Single. Divorced in 1993
Occupation: Butcher
Alex started putting on weight at the age of 21 but managed to lose the weight when he got married and got down to a healthy 80 kilograms. Since then, he has divorced, gone off the rails with food and lifestyle and at the age of 50 has now doubled his weight and has no sense of who he is anymore.

Alex used to love riding motorbikes but die to his weight he has had to give up his passion. He aspires to get back on a bike with a sexy passenger and ride off into the sunset! He wants to have the energy to walk his dog, go to the footy with his young nephews and fit in a place seat and fly to Europe and put some fun in his life.

Alex is preparing himself for everything the trainers have in store for him by being positive all the way and not giving up, he is in the competition to WIN. He describes himself as fun and a good character, admitting that his biggest weakness is that he struggles to show his emotions.

His hobbies include clay pigeon shooting.

My reason for applying for The Biggest Loser:
To lose weight and be healthy.
I first realised I was overweight and need help when:
I lost my quality of life and wasn’t motivated anymore.
I hope to lose weight but gain:
Confidence and love for myself again.
A past contestant I’ve found inspiring is:
Bob – he was the cloest to my age, struggled at the start but never gave up, a real inspiration.
The best part of being on The Biggest Loser is:
To lose weight so I can change my life for the better.
I am preparing myself for this journey by:
Being positive all the way.
I think the most difficult part of being on The Biggest Loser will be:
Not succeeding.
My biggest weakness is:
Not showing my emotions.
Some bad habits I would like to get rid of are:
Overeating and not exercising.
The one thing I want Australia to know about me is:
I’m fun and a good character.
I think I will win The Biggest Loser because:
That’s what I’m here to do.
One thing I have never done because I was overweight I will do once I lose the weight is:
Go bike riding, walk the dog, get on a plane to Europe and go to the footy with my nephews.