SharonName: Sharon
Age: 31
Lives: Great Western, Victoria
Status: Married
Occupation: Office worker in a steel factory
Favourite foods: Pasta with cheese, Pepsi, fish and chips, fried food, chocolate
Motivation to lose weight: Sharon is generally a very happy person, but she longs to have more energy for her family and to be able to go shopping to buy fashionable clothes.

Sharon is a pocket rocket, a good sport with a happy-go-lucky personality. She adores her husband and two daughters, but chose to come on The Biggest Loser to gain respect for herself.

Sharon has always been big. Even though she played netball and basketball at school, she has put on the kilos over the years and is now at her heaviest. She admits to being extremely lazy. Sharon has always loved to water ski, but now struggles to pull herself out of the water.

Sharon has been with her husband John for 12 years and they have two daughters together: Ashley, 9, and Makala, 6. They are all active and fit and she feels like the odd one out at times. She loves her immediate and extended family more than anything, but longs to keep up with them physically. Sharon’s brothers and sister are all “tall and skinny”.

Sharon works in the office of a steel company. She is the only girl and even though she considers herself a tom boy at heart, she wants to look ladylike and sexy and be treated like a lady. She wears a pink helmet as that makes her feel feminine and screams “I’m a girl”

With portion sizes, cheese and chocolate as her biggest enemies, Sharon hopes to take away better eating and lifestyle habits from The Biggest Loser house and be the best role model she can for her children. “When I leave the house I would love to start a primary school fitness program to teach them about nutrition and exercise and how important it is, so that the future children don’t turn out like me. I am willing and focused.”