ToniName: Toni
Age: 48
Lives: Ararat, Victoria
Status: Married
Occupation: Arts teacher
Favourite foods: Carbs: pasta, rice
Motivation to lose weight: Toni wants nothing more than to have more energy and travel with “Stocky” (Kerry, her husband).

Toni loves life, especially with the love of her life by her side:“Kerry is my everything.” Describing herself as observant, organised and fun, she loves to laugh and socialise with Kerry.

Toni has always been a yo-yo dieter. She lost weight when she was younger, but in the past 10 years she has got bigger and bigger. Toni met Kerry just before her 30th birthday and she still describes it as the “best birthday gift she could have ever got”. They both tried to have children, but when they discovered they couldn’t they bought The Shire, a pub in Ararat, together. Toni and Kerry now lease the pub as they wanted a better work/life balance. Toni works as an art teacher at Mariam College, where she teaches drawing and design.

Toni suffers from type 2 diabetes because of her weight. She has tried to exercise in the past, but gives up every time. She believes she is very lazy, although when faced with a challenge, she isn’t one to give up.

Toni’s greatest fear is dying young, as her mother died at the age of 50 from a heart attack. Now that her brother and father have also passed, Toni places a lot of importance on her friendships and loves socialising with Kerry by her side. 

Toni knows that with the support of Kerry, The Biggest Loser will see them both transform their lives and enjoy a more healthy and active lifestyle in the future. “I am hungry for knowledge on how I can cook healthier meals and would give anything to make my Uncle and Aunt proud.”