Sean and Ben

SeanName: Sean Doudle
Age: 38
Height: 181cm
Lives: Raymond Terrace, NSW
Status: Engaged to Meagan.
Children: Step children – David (17), Tiarnye (15), Brooke (12), Damon (11).
Occupation: Delivery driver for local bakery.
Biggest Loser partner: Ben (Baseball buddy)

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“I expect it to be tough physically and a major challenge.”

Temptation-wise, Sean’s job as a delivery driver for a bakery scores pretty high. Working long hours and being surrounded by pies is not a great recipe for weight management and he says that being a driver, he also eats a lot of service station food along the way for good measure.

Like his Biggest Loser partner and team mate, Ben, Sean is crazy about baseball and has played the game since he was nine-years-old. The catcher says he’s “very competitive” – a streak that might help Ben and him during the Biggest Loser contest!

Sean used to be slim and dates his weight gain to the nine weeks he had off from baseball due to injury when he was 21. This fiancé also says he put more weight on since being with Meagan and eating “comfort food”.

For this contestant, being on the Biggest Loser will be the “kick up the arse” he needs to lose weight. There’s a history of diabetes in his family and Sean wants to avoid this and the other problems his father developed from being overweight. The baseball fan is also sick of the nightmare of clothes shopping, “I can never find anything my size.”

Sean also resents the assumptions that are made about him because of his weight, “I hate people looking at me and thinking that I’m lazy just because I’m big.”

“I want better fitness, better eating habits and general well being,” says Sean of his hopes for the Biggest Loser experience. “I want to be around for my kids!”

Favourite foods:
Kangaroo steaks
Meat pies
Coke – 2 or 3 litres a day.

BenName: Ben Terry
Age: 29
Height: 187cm
Lives: NSW
Status: separated from wife 16 months ago, has girlfriend, Zoe.
Children: Connor (5) and Annika (5) – twins.
Occupation: public servant
Biggest Loser partner: Sean (team mate)

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“I feel that the show will teach me the discipline that I need on the outside world.”

A major passion in this Biggest Loser contestant’s life is baseball and he wants nothing more than to play regular first grade baseball for his club. Ben feels his weight is holding him back when it comes to his favourite game and he would like to fit into a regular-sized baseball shirt for a change. As the biggest guys on their baseball team, Ben and his Biggest Loser partner Sean are coming from the same place and this keen sportsman says there’s a lot of trust between them.

Although it wasn’t weight-related, the heart attack Ben’s father suffered, which left him disabled, is also a major reason for his son to tackle his weight and avoid a heart attack of his own. This contestant is also sick of his mother nagging him about his weight and of people’s attitudes in general. “When people first meet me they are reserved and less accepting because of my size,” explains Ben. “They judge me and I can’t stand it.”

Although he’s active, Ben says he lets himself down with his food choices, “I have done lots of diets and I play a few sports but I have never combined the exercise and the right diet at the same time, I lack discipline.”

Favourite foods:
Chicken in pastry with garlic and cheese
Crumbed lamb cutlets
Chicken schnitzel
Ice cream