Phil Green

Phil Green

Friend of fellow Dad, David
Age: 44
Lives: Helensvale, QLD
Height: 6ft 2in
Marital Status: Married to wife Karen for 16 years
Children: Maverick, 2, and Memphis, 4
Occupation: Salesperson

Phil’s weight gain started when he was around 30 years old and he stopped playing rugby. Now he’s on first name terms with the girls at McDonalds often calling in the drive through on his way home for a meal.

Along with friend David with whom he’s taking part in The Biggest Loser, he has a big social life and enjoys a few beers. He knows they’re a bad influence on each other where food in concerned.

Phil worries that he’s setting a bad example for his two children and he wants to lose weight for them and for his wife.

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