Cameron (Cam)

CameronName: Cameron (Cam)
Age: 34
Lives: Buninyong, Victoria
Status: Married
Occupation: Supermarket Store Manager
Favourite foods: Pizza, roast dinners
Motivation to lose weight: Cameron is sick of putting too much emphasis on his career and family; this is his time to take stock. He wants to be a healthier version of himself and be a good role model to his children. Above all, he wants to make his wife and children proud.

Cameron is a larger than life, full of fun family man. He works at a supermarket as the manager and is a self-confessed workaholic who has never found time to exercise or eat healthily. Now it is time for Cameron to face his demons and challenge his weight head on.

Cameron grew up in a working class family, who, at times, struggled to make ends meet. As a result, he has always worked hard so his children don’t go without but in doing this, he hasn’t taken the best care of himself. As a child, he was the captain of a football team and loved to be active. He was also the captain of his school’s swimming and cricket team. He yearns to be active again and lose the weight that his adult working life has seen him gain.

Cameron’s first love is his family and even though he has only been married to his wife Bianca for four years, they have been together for 17 years. His three children are the apples of his eye and he will do anything to provide for them.Cameron loves pizza and has a big problem with portion sizes. He is hoping to learn what it takes to change his bad habits and keep them in place in order to become a better role model for his children.

After his staff applied for The Biggest Loser on Cameron’s behalf, there was no turning back. He hopes to coach his son’s football team, be more of an active community and family member and is not scared to be pushed to his limits. “I am committed to the changes that the biggest loser will bring, I am so excited about the future.”