Jenni Noble

Jenni Noble

Aunt of Phoebe
Age: 47
Lives: Marrickville, NSW
Height: 162-163cm
Marital Status: Married – husband Joe
Children: None, but niece Phoebe lives with her
Occupation: Member services manager

Jenni is terrified that she will follow in the path of her overweight mum who died at the age of 64 from a heart attack. She already has high blood pressure and says she needs to get healthy quick.

Jenni has been overweight all her life. She managed to get down to 80kgs after the death of her mother but slowly the weight has been creeping back on.

Jenni and niece Phoebe are taking part in The Biggest Loser together. Jenni is like a mother to Phoebe and wants to set a good example for her.

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