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Ajay a no show in court; fraud charges related to single parent payments

Ajay is apparently overseas at the moment, so she didn’t front up to court today. The judge was unimpressed with her non-appearance and said she had better be in court for when the case resumes on July 8.

The charges apparently relate to a time between 2001 and 2005 when Ajay was receiving a single parent payment when she wasn’t eligible to be receiving any such payment.

Some news sites are reporting that she knew she shouldn’t’ve been receiving the payments, others are simply leaving it at not being entitled to the payments.

Tune in again on July 8, I suppose? Unless Ajay does a runner!

Jillian Michaels set to release fitness based video game

Majesco Entertainment have partnered with The Biggest Loser’s Jillian Michaels and are set to release a cheap cash-in sure to be excellent “exer-gaming” title for the Nintendo Wii.

For those who have somehow missed the hype, the Nintendo Wii recently got its first “exer-gaming” title in Wii Fit, which despite the higher than usual pricetag has been selling out pretty much everywhere the game has been released.

Wii Fit came bundled with an interesting peripheral, the “Balance Board”. Essentially a high tech set of scales, the Balance Board is capable of measuring shifts in weight with an amazing degree of accuracy. This allows the board to become, in essence, a new kind of controller. Players are able to shift their balance left and right, forwards and backwards to complete various challenges within the game.

And, of course, it can also tell you how much you weigh. If you’re not afraid to find out.

There’s exercises, too, including all the usual squats and lunges and push ups you’d be familiar with. Jillian’s cohort Bob Harper would probably love it – the game also features a fairly decent variety of yoga poses, too.

What sorts of exercises will Jillian’s game have?

They’re not saying, yet. Only that the title is aimed at the casual market, women in particular. So I guess you should expect tips on applying makeup and buttercups will spring up all over the screen every 5 minutes?

What does Jillian think of the latest thing she’s putting her name to?

“I truly think this type of product will be instrumental in revolutionizing the fitness industry and will help combat the childhood obesity epidemic in this country,” Michaels said.

Wow, that’s quite some praise. Quite some very generalised praise that could apply to virtually any fitness product. Hmm.

The game is apparently scheduled for a “Holiday release” which I assume means the Christmas holidays? Americans are a little silly in that regard. What’s wrong with the standard Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall/Autumn? No, it has to be “holiday”…

There’s not much more to the Hollywood Reporter article, but you can still click here if you’d like to read the rest of it.

But the real question is – would you buy it? Forget for a moment whether or not you actually have a Nintendo Wii, plus the required Balance Board. If you had them, would you really buy a fitness game endorsed by Jilliam Michaels?

Ajay Rochester to face fraud charges next Tuesday.

Various mainstream media sources are reporting today that Ajay Rochester, host of The Biggest Loser, will be facing fraud charges in Sydney next Tuesday.

These charges are not related to The Biggest Loser or her involvement with Channel 10 as they relate to matters which predate her hosting the show.

In all, Ajay is facing a whopping 23 charges, 9 of which relate to “receiving a financial advantage from a Commonwealth entity.”

That entity? Centrelink.

They probably had it coming.

Details are pretty scarce but it seems likely that Ajay probably received some dole money she shouldn’t’ve, or failed to report some earnings she should have, or any of a number of other petty excuses Centrelink can ruin your life over, even if you did not intentionally do anything wrong.

There may be more details available next week so we can decide who receives the pitchforks and torches treatment.

[Source: NineMSN]