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TBL 6×17: Water Loading Challenge wraps up. Challenor v 3 Families wraps up. DUNDUNDUN!

Previously on The Biggest Loser the weekly challenge caused the expected drama. The 3 Families are at each other’s throats and both Joe and Nathaniel from The Challenors are sick of Damien.

Tonight we find out who wins the Challenge, who wins the weigh-in and who wins the next ticket home!

But first a bunch of recap footage from Friday!
3 Families are still bitching about too many bottles in the sled, Damien’s still giving Nathaniel the shits. Nathaniel says he’s had 5 weeks of being patient with his uncles. If they’re not going to listen to him then stuff em!
Nathaniel tells Damien to go away again or Nathaniel’s walking off. Damien still hangs around and so Nathaniel walks off.
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TBL 6×16: The Contest’s Friday Finish, Finally.

Previously on The Biggest Loser the Super Duper Epic Contest Of Returning Contestant To The Game Contest Of Awesomeness started.

Tonight we find out who wins the bloody thing, finally.
Also, the weekly Challenge gets going. Bet you we don’t find out who wins that tonight!

Kellie and Joe are still cycling like psychopaths. Tiffiny’s screaming at Kellie to bring back her ninja, still. Nathaniel’s still telling Joe that he’s got to bring back Damien. Steve’s telling Kellie the others are screaming for her. Michelle’s screaming everything she can think of at Joe to try and motivate him.
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TBL 6×15: The Super Duper Contest Special Episode Of Epicness

Previously on The Biggest Loser Joe had a bit of a cry because nobody likes him and they keep trying to make him eat worms.

At least it was something like that. The only time Joe’s happy is when he’s messing with someone else’s life so…

We also saw some more footage from the trainers week long stay with their families. Included gratuitous underwear shots of Tiffiny and many dumpling-induced dry heaves from Shannan.

Tonight! The Super Contest begins. Or so the teasers have been saying.
And the prize for winning is priceless – the chance to bring someone back into the game!

But first there’s another one of those oh-so-useful Family Weigh-Ins. But with the teams currently being Red versus MishMash, how’s this going to work?
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TBL 6×14: Elimination aftermath, this episode has a lot of it.

Previously on The Biggest Loser the foolish Reds foolishly tried to play the other teams for fools by putting Damien up for Elimination, thinking the other teams wouldn’t send him home.

They were wrong! It backfired spectacularly with a unanimous vote to send Damien home.

Tonight, EXPLOSIONS! DRAMA! Everyone hates Joe for being a gutless prick!
Also, the families get to vote on who they want out of the game. Surely it’ll be the much maligned Reds?
Then later we get even more footage of the trainers week in hell with their families, porking out before Fat Camp. Expected a lot more hurling!

Red and Black leftovers are in the lounge room waiting for the others to return from Elimination. Black’s pretty sure Jodie will be going home, since how could you send Damien home?
Pretty easily, actually.
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TBL 6×13: Weigh-In Night. And it’s a corker!

Previously on The Biggest Loser… no, wait, it’s another endless plug for Glee. Who cares about rewinding Live TV? I’d much rather be able to fast forward!

Aaaanyway, Friday on The Biggest Loser saw the families competing in a Challenge to win letters from home via stacking up a bunch of sandbags on scales.
The Duncans, as usual, were winning pretty comfortably at the end of the show.

Tonight we find out if they go on to win The Challenge. Then later another weigh-in rolls around. Who’ll face Elimination later tonight?

Time to find out!
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