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TBL 6×01: The Beginnining Begins!

And we’re back!

And we’re already into the recap footage before the show has even started!

Mr Voiceover tells us it’s a family year this time around. Sisters, brothers, fathers, nephews, etc. Four families, four trainers. Including Tiffiny SCREAMING as she snaps some boards!

Family ties will be stretched to the limit. Lots of dramatic walkoffs in the future, lots of people screaming at each other and at their trainers. One even declares she hates Trainer Tiffiny.

The 2011 challenges will be supersized, there’s an arena competition each week of some kind. The trainers will be spending a week with their families, as you’ve seen from the ads, but they’ll also be weighing in for the first time. Presumably prior to their week away and then again afterwards!

And… there’s a new theme song? “We Are Family”? Bring back Shannon Nollllllllll!

Finally all the preliminaries are out of the way and we get into the meat of the show.
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Season 6 Contestant Profiles Now (Mostly) Available.

With the exception of Greg, whose profile is currently involved in a mix-up on the official site, all the contestant profiles are now available on the Official Biggest Loser Website.

And, of course, here on The Biggest Loser Recap.

The Challenors: Joe, Damien, Greg, Nathaniel. Trainer: Michelle.

The Moons: Kellie, Rebecca, Jodie, Sarah. Trainer: Commando Steve.

The Westrens: Leigh, Lara, Sharlene, Craig. Trainer: Shannan.

The Duncans: Emma, Jarrod, Sarah-Jayne, Meg. Trainer: Tiffiny.

Read on for some analysis and my top tips for this year.

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Biggest Loser Australia 2011 Premiere Date Revealed!

The official site has been updated with a whole bunch of new videos, but the most important bit is this…

Season 6 of The Biggest Loser Australia starts Sunday, January 30th, at 6.30pm on Channel 10.

Ten more days! Or thereabouts.

There’s interviews with Hayley and the four trainers up on the official site here: clicky.

Six of the contestants – four from Michelle’s team, two from Tiffiny’s – have also been interviewed.

Best to start with Damien’s interview. The 2011 Damien, much like the 2007 model, sets a new Biggest Loser Australia record for heaviest contestant. And it’s not hard to see why.

That is one ample looking fellow. Mish will certainly have her work cut out for her this year.

Click here to visit the Official Site and navigate to the other contestant videos. More should appear over the next few days as the premiere approaches.

Those of you with Twitter may want to follow the official Twitter account: biggestloser_au

Is it the 30th yet? :-)

Want to go to Bootcamp with Commando Steve?

Via a friend of a friend I bring this potentially interesting news to you.

Sunday, February 13th at 7am, a group of crazy people will be willingly subjecting themselves to a training session with The Biggest Loser’s Commando Steve. And you can join them!

More details are available on the event’s page at Facebook, but the most important part is that it’s in Sydney. Brighton Le Sands, to be precise. So if you can’t be in Sydney on the 13th you can save yourself some time. :-)

It’s not a free training session but with Steve having a team to himself and a lot more screen time on the show this year it’ll probably be the cheapest session you’ll get with him any time soon. Meet the man in person! Have him shout at you! Wet your pants! It’ll be awesome!

Remember, you need to go to the page on Facebook if you want to attend. I’m just passing on the message. It won’t count if you just tell me. :-)