Richard & Amber

Richard and Amber

Name: Richard
Age: 45
Lives: Queensland
Status: Married
Occupation: Salesman
Motivation to lose weight: Richard is competitive, driven and wants to break the cycle of obesity from past and current generations within his family. Ready for a new chapter in his life, he wants to “show everyone that I can do it and am not afraid to put in the hard yards”.

Name: Amber
Age: 20
Lives: Queensland
Status: Single
Occupation: Waitress at a movie cinema
Motivation to lose weight: Amber dreams of running around with her niece and nephews, gaining more confidence, wearing fashionable clothes and having a busy social life. “I am sick of my current life and am ready to do something about it.”

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  • Daniel

    Richard is such an asshole. I hope he wakes up to himself

  • Melinda Murrell

    Richard and Amber are the most pathetic excuses of human beings in the world. I am waiting each week for the kings execution. I just hope the pink green and grey team form there own alliance and decapitate king richard and queen robyn. Go Green, Grey and Pink teams

  • integrity vic

    King dick what a wayneka! you are and always will be the biggest LOSER! Great example you set for your lazy daughter, I just hope you don’t win!

  • The Doc

    King Richard Roach is the epitome of a cockRoach. What an atrocious example this bloke has set (& continues to set weekly) for his daughter. She has become as smug & deceitful as he is.

    This has nothing to do about changing Roach or his daughter’s life, its just all about the money. And he will viciously trample & betray anybody to get what he wants.

    So disappointing to see this abysmal excuse for a “man” collect the Golden Ticket. If he goes ahead and votes off the deserving Green team he will be despised even more by many. Who would ever want to purchase from this “salesman”. What sort of company would even front itself with this creep.

    Yes Melinda, every week I’ve hoped King Dick would have his comeuppance, only to be disappointed and then angry. Watching that gloating narcissist collect the Golden Ticket was a real disappointment.

    God forbid if he was to win, that would be the end of TBL for many. It would show that bullies win in the end.

  • Daniel

    Richard is a disgusting prick. He only cares about the money he does not care about losing weight. If he was offered the money at the start he would of left and continued his selfish lifestyle.

  • BigFatLosers

    This really ain’t a positive show when you have people fat bashing and judge mental hurtful comments to others trying to change their lives…. Sure he played the game, and he may have sledged , deceived and whatever I have missed. But did he ever physically assault a vulnerable person. Drink drive, man slaughtered or murdered a person. No. Leave your nasty thoughts to those that deserve it. It’s funny to see a show that promotes health and yet you must sit and watch on a lounge to get it into you… funny. Get out and move and live for yourself. Then you will truly realize all the distractions are gone from your life that don’t need to exist.

  • Daniel

    Honey, I’m a winner in life and at everything I do. I work hard the body and life that I have. So before you start calling people “big fat losers” take a photo of yourself instead of looking in the mirror, that way you can see the person the rest of the world sees.

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