Julie and Meaghan

JulieName: Julie Trattles
Age: 52
Height: 165cm
Lives: Qld
Status: married for 33 years.
Children: 3 children, 3 grandchildren.
Occupation: department manager
Biggest Loser partner: Meaghan (daughter)

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“I am hoping to find an inner strength and prove to myself that I can do this.”

After being married for 33 years, Julie wants to bring the passion back into her marriage and believes that gaining control of her weight will rekindle the romance and love in her partnership. This mother and grandmother also wants to be able to be more active with her grandchildren whom she cherishes and wishes they could sit on her lap – at the moment, they just slide off.

Julie can’t stand catching sight of herself in the mirror or seeing her reflection in a window, hates that she can’t tie her own shoes and is sick of feeling uncomfortable when sitting in chairs and getting in and out of cars.

This contestant also has health concerns, with heel spurs that worsen the more weight she puts on, an under active thyroid condition and high blood pressure. “My body feels old,” says Julie, “But my mind doesn’t.” She comes from a family with a history of long life spans but doesn’t think she’ll last if she continues on the way she is now.

Julie and Meaghan, her daughter and Biggest Loser partner, are the only overweight members of the family and Julie blames herself for her daughter’s weight problem.

“This will give me time for myself, which I have never had before,” says Julie of being part of the Biggest Loser. “If I don’t do this now I will never have a chance like this again and I want to be able to be proud of myself.”

Favourite foods:
Sweets, lollies, candies
Chocolate slices
Ice cream
Creamy curry with rice
Fish in batter
Roast dinners

MeaghanName: Meaghan Trattles
Age: 26
Height: 170cm
Lives: Qld
Status: single
Occupation: social worker
Biggest Loser partner: Julie (mother)

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“I want to find out who I am and correct the bad habits I have gathered over the years.”

Like many other young women her age, Meaghan would like to fall in love. She feels her weight prevents her from meeting someone and feels like the odd one out as all her friends and family have partners. She wants to have the confidence to talk to guys again and hang out with her friends – at the moment she won’t put herself out there because she’s too uncomfortable with herself.

Like her mother and Biggest Loser partner, Meaghan would like to be able to run around with the kids in her family, her nieces and nephews. She feels she has picked up every bad eating habit her mother has and says that if one of them gives up trying to lose weight, the other one does too. This mother and daughter lose their motivation without each other. Meaghan’s sister, brother and father can eat what they want without having weight problems.

This social worker believes she would be able to give more to her demanding job of keeping up with the needs of teenagers if her weight wasn’t a problem. She says she’s been an emotional eater ever since she had disagreements with her brother that she bought a house with and although they get along better now, she still turns to food whenever she feels upset.

“I hope by the end of this journey that I will look and feel good,” says Meaghan of being on the Biggest Loser. “I want to be fun again.”

Favourite foods:
Pad Thai noodles
Fast food
Dairy – flavoured milk, cheese, custard, yoghurt.
Spaghetti Bolognese