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TBL 5×25: First proper Singles weigh-in this year for realsies.

Previously on The Biggest Loser the Couples became Singles became pigs in mud became one fewer as Chris took the money and ran!

Tonight, breakdowns, breakthroughs and a record is broken in the weigh-in room. Presumably not because someone sits on a record…

Michelle and Shannan rock up to the House. Shannan’s team seem a little flat. Shannon didn’t do his training this morning because he had a bit of a cramp. Sook. Shannan’s disappointed, too.
Shannon tells us he wasn’t going to lie to Shannan and say he’d done it. Now he’s just got to get down and do it.
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TBL 5×24: Masterclass with added Pancakes!

Tonight on Biggest Loser Masterclass exercises that are fun for the whole family, preparing a big breakfast for a bunch of lycra clad cyclists, cooking with good carbs can be tastier than cooking with bad carbs and some wheelchair guy is going to talk about crawling along the Kokoda Track!

No stretching exercise weird things for me to describe? Awesome.
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TBL 5×23: Take the money and run?

Previously on The Biggest Loser Joe’s girlfriend and Phil’s boyfriend Hazem El-Masri turned up for a visit.

Tonight an “ultimate test of willpower”. Big offer of cash to leave the game with no possibility of coming back.
Will anyone give in to Temptation?

Chris says no money in the world would make him go away, which is a real shame…
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TBL 5×22: Biggest Loser Rewardsfest Day

Previously on The Biggest Loser the couples were all theoretically split into singles but everyone is still working as couples because it’s not like you can suddenly throw out friendship or family!

Tonight Shannan’s got to find the warrior’s within his training team as they’re the lowest of the low, for the most part.
But we all know Shannan loves his underdogs…
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TBL 5×21: PIGS. IN. MUD.

Previously on The Biggest Loser Wayne was sent home, possibly for undisclosed family-related reasons.
Chris tried to reptend he was a threat in the game, despite being beaten by practically everyone in the game thus far.

Yes it’s the yearly muddy challenge thing where they all roll around in the mud for some sort of prize like immunity.

Everyone heads out to… some strange place with an obstacle course set up. Coloured flags, mud, tires, all the jazz.
Jarna doesn’t do dirty. Not mud, not paint, nothing.

On offer at today’s Challenge is Immunity.

And it’s every Loser for themselves this week. Theoretically, at least. Realistically I’m sure there’ll be some strategies in play…
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