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What Were The Families Supposed To Be Eating This Year?

Yes, we all know Daniel Jofre won the title this year, but what were they eating? Enquiring minds wanted to know, probably, because there’s a list on a proper news site.

Mid-afternoon snack: Chocolate Brownie (from the GetCommandoFit Style plan).

Ooh, sign me up for that!

Apparently Michelle Bridges just gave the boys her cookbooks, which seems a little lazy and I kind of have my doubts the boys were doing anything so fancy as “Ricotta quinoa pancakes”.

Want more details? Go read the article. It’s interesting. And will probably make your tummy rumble, mind did.

(Thanks for the tip, Amanda!)

TBL 10×39 – FINALE! Who Will Win The Biggest Loser 2015?

Previously on The Biggest Loser Families… THE ENTIRE SEASON! If you’re only tuning in now you’re a bit late. But I guess watching the first episode and the last episode is also a valid choice.

It’s finally the finale, the final time the final remaining contestants weigh in and the final time everyone else weighs in and someone finally wins a bunch of money. Because that’s what the show is all about, giving a formerly fat person a bunch of cash to fritter away, or spend on cosmetic procedures to undo the lingering effects of drastic weight loss. Hooray!

The final three contestants this year are all from the same family, the all-conquering Jofres. Tony, Daniel and Pablo are three brothers who, with their uncle Rob, have dominated the competition all season long. It’s a battle to the finish and no matter which of the boys win it’s probably safe to assume they have the title of biggest losing family safely under their belt.

And having seen the ads I already know I’m going to be awful distracted by Princess Fiona’s sparkly glittery boobs. That’s an amazing black sparkly top she’s wearing, it really is.

Anyway, strap in. It’s going to be a bit of a… JOURNEY!

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TBL 10×38 – Penultimate Weigh In, Elimination, Elimination, Juice!

Previously on The Biggest Loser Familes we saw Tony win another challenge, gaining “Ultimate Immunity”, a pass straight to the finale tomorrow night. We also saw Sam grab a payout of $20,000 to leave the game early, as she felt she would not be able to win regardless.

Tonight, the very last weigh in at Camp Biggest Loser for the year. This one looks to be a bit different, with a red line in play as well. Possibly signifying an instant elimination for the person who has lost the least weight in the week? Two other people will be below the yellow line and two others will be safe above the line. Or, probably, Tony and one other will be safe.

Things do not look good for the last remaining contestant not of the Jofre family. Can Tenealle lose enough weight to secure her safety one last time, or is this the end of the road for the Auvale team?

This is it, people. Time to weigh in. Right after Fiona throws one last curve ball. The person who records the lowest weightloss percentage tonight will fall below the red line and will be immediately eliminated from the competition. The next two lowest will be below the yellow line and will face a vote. Only two votes, only really matters if Tenealle is above the line, huh?

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TBL 10×37 – Last Last Chance Training. EVER. For This Season.

Previously on The Biggest Loser Families… Ummmm. Oh, right, Tony won another challenge and chose to send Johnee home. Because he’s a threat?

We saw the start of another challenge but again we’ve had to wait until tonight to find out who’s going to win. The prize on offer is immunity from elimination and with only one elimination remaining before finale, well, that’s a pretty nice prize, isn’t it?

This challenge has the contestants putting all their old weight back on in the form of sandbags. Do a 400m lap of the track and you can take a week’s worth of weight out of your pack. Then do 11 more laps.

It’s going to be a long, long challenge.

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Missed an episode of The Biggest Loser? Catch up before the end!

Only three episodes left this year! Yes, really. The finale airs on Tuesday night. Two hours long, expect a lot of talk of the contestant’s JOURNEY. And maybe Michelle will finally be pregnant? I’ve been waiting all season!

But perhaps you’ve missed an episode? Would you like to read recaps of each and every one of them? Well, here you go.

Episode 1 – 13/09/2015

Episode 2 – 14/09/2015 (Weigh In)

Episode 3 – 15/09/2015

Episode 4 – 20/09/2015 (Weigh In)

Episode 5 – 21/09/2015 (Elimination)

Episode 6 – 22/09/2015

Episode 7 – 27/09/2015 (Weigh In)

Episode 8 – 28/09/2015 (Elimination)

Episode 9 – 29/09/2015

Episode 10 – 04/10/2015 (Weigh In)

Episode 11 – 05/10/2015 (Elimination)

Episode 12 – 06/10/2015

Episode 13 – 11/10/2015 (Weigh In)

Episode 14 – 12/10/2015 (Elimination)

Episode 15 – 13/10/2015

Episode 16 – 18/10/2015 (Weigh In)

Episode 17 – 19/10/2015 (Elimination)

Episode 18 – 20/10/2015

Episode 19 – 25/10/2015 (Weigh In)

Episode 20 – 26/10/2015 (Elimination)

Episode 21 – 27/10/2015

Episode 22 – 01/11/2015 (Weigh In)

Episode 23 – 02/11/2015 (Elimination)

Episode 24 – 03/11/2015

Episode 25 – 08/11/2015 (Weigh In)

Episode 26 – 09/11/2015 (Elimination)

Episode 27 – 10/11/2015 (Elimination)

Episode 28 – 15/11/2015 (Weigh In)

Episode 29 – 16/11/2015 (Elimination)

Episode 30 – 17/11/2015

Episode 31 – 22/11/2015 (Weigh In)

Episode 32 – 23/11/2015 (Elimination)

Episode 33 – 24/11/2015

Episode 34 – 29/11/2015 (Weigh In)

Episode 35 – 30/11/2015 (Elimination)

Episode 36 – 01/12/2015

And don’t forget to tune in tonight. Last training session and last weigh in at Camp Biggest Loser!