Ramses and Tania

RamsesName: Ramses Diana
Age: 28
Height: 170cm
Lives: Vic
Status: Married – 1 year.
Occupation: Leading hand at car rental company.
Biggest Loser partner: Tania (wife)

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“If we work together then it’ll make us even stronger. It’ll be another thing that we can do together.”

Biggest Loser partners Ramses and Tania are newlyweds but according to Ramses, it doesn’t feel like it. They both feel stuck in a rut, with long working hours taking their toll and when it comes to their sex life, well, this husband says his wife is often just too tired.

Ramses works long hours at his job where he’s always on his feet, leaving him sore and too tired to exercise. Doctors have told him that he needs to lose 50kg to alleviate the pressure on his knees and this contestant wants to avoid another knee operation.

Ramses says that his wife’s laziness and fatigue demotivates him when it comes to losing weight and that he has spent his spare time renovating their house, further curtailing any opportunities to invest time in his health.

This newlywed also wants to be an active father for his child when he has one with his wife. His father wasn’t able to physically active when he was a kid and this is not the way he wants to be as a father.

As a young man about town, Ramses picked up the habit of eating bad food when he used to go clubbing and dropped his good habit of playing sport. He stopped clubbing when he met Tania but unfortunately kept the taste for food which does him no favours.

“I’m hoping a bond will form with other people like me and they’ll become a support group after I leave,” says Ramses of his Biggest Loser journey. “Tania and I will help each other out and the best bit is getting support from an expert.”

Favourite foods:
Bounty chocolate
Has salt on everything.

TaniaName: Tania Diana
Age: 27
Height: 169cm
Lives: Vic
Status: married – 1 year.
Occupation: insurance
Biggest Loser partner: Ramses (husband)

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“If I could inspire just one person to not be big like me from being on Biggest Loser that would be awesome.”

The day that one of her co-workers mistakenly assumed that Tania was pregnant, her husband told her he had applied on their behalf for the new series of the Biggest Loser. His wife took it as a sign. Tania feels that since she’s newly married, she needs a “new me” as well. Like her husband Ramses, she’s also worried that her weight might hinder her carrying their child when they want to start a family.

Long hours at work and a love for pasta is what Tania sees as her downfall when it comes to her weight. She wants to go to the beach like she used to with her husband but says she can’t be bothered to anymore because she’s just too tired.

This new wife would like to buy clothes off the rack and not worry about sizes. Various members of her family, including her mother, have weight problems and Tania warns her nieces not to become her size.

Tania says she didn’t notice the weight creeping on after she got together with her husband and their lifestyle became increasingly inactive.
“We’re a lot stronger now than we have been in the past,” Tania says of her relationship with Ramses. “He lets me get away with a lot.”

“We’ll work together if we’re put together, we’ll push each other and encourage each other,” she predicts of being on the Biggest Loser with her husband. “We don’t know what’s going to happen but if we’re up against each other, I wanna kick his arse!”

Favourite foods:
Mum’s cooking: “wog pasta”, pasta mixed with lentils and vegies.
Dark chocolate