Andrew Costello (Season 3)

Andrew 'Cosi' Costello - Profile PictureName: Andrew “Cosi” Costello
Age: 29 (17/12/1978)
Height: 185cm
From: Murray Bridge, SA
Occupation: Radio dude
Goals: To lose weight to be a fit and healthy Dad to his children.

Starting Weight: 140.8kg
Week 1: 131.3kg (LOSS: 9.5kg)
Week 2: 129.4kg (LOSS: 1.9kg)
Week 3: 122.4kg (LOSS: 7kg)
Week 4: 116.5kg (LOSS: 5.9kg)
Week 5: 109.2kg (LOSS: 7.3kg)
Week 6: 107.8kg (LOSS: 1.4kg)
Week 7: 102.2kg (LOSS: 5.6kg)
Week 8: 98.9kg (LOSS: 3.3kg)
Week 9: 96.2kg (LOSS: 2.7kg)
Week 10: 91.5kg (LOSS: 4.7kg)

(from the official site)
Food: Parmigiana Schnitzel
Dessert: Cookies and cream ice cream
Drink: Coke, Beer
Tv Show: The Simpsons
Movie: American Pie
Colour: Don’t have one
Place to travel: Outback Australia
Hobby: Breeding fish (lame I know)

My reason(s) for applying for Biggest Loser are:
I’m marrying my fiance, she’s 50kg and I want to look good for the wedding and trying to have another baby. Also to help inspire other male viewers in my position; make my seven year old son proud and be able to ride my horse again.

I first realized I was overweight and needed help when:
I did a body profile and my body age was 42 and my insides feel like they are rotting away!

I hope to lose weight but gain:
Skills (for working out and nutrition); lifestyle changes; friendships and inspiration.

The previous contestant I have found inspiring was (and why?)
Munnalita; I liked her because she helped others, was very diplomatic and worked bloody hard to lose a stack of weight.

The best part of being on Biggest Loser is:
Working with like minded individuals to achieve a common goal; given total focus to my health as opposed to focusing on work and making health and nutrition high priority

I am preparing myself for this journey by:
Getting mentally ready for the workload; letting myself be out of control and accepting what happens.

I think the most difficult part of being on Biggest Loser will be:
Getting kicked out before achieving my goals; being away from my fiance and seven year old son and being away from my horses.

My biggest weakness is:
Lack of will power with food- I see it and then I eat it!

Some bad habits I would like to get rid of are:
Always turning to humour during embarrassing, fat moments and not eating healthy food.

The one thing I want Australia to know about me is that:
I’m down to earth, hardworking middle aged bloke that has stuffed up my life by focusing on everything but my health. Also, that I love my missus and family.

I think I will win the Biggest Loser because:
I have the weight to lose; I am mentally prepared for this and I’m like a race horse in the mounting yard, ready to go – just needs someone to take me to the gates and push me over the line!

One thing I have never done because I was overweight and will do once I lose the weight will be to:
I haven’t rode my horse in ages and have a baby with my partner.

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  • georgia

    cosi is so fit now could he be evicted at the super challenge

  • colleen

    Cosi should just leave for good and stop his constant ranting and raving. Cosi is worse then a woman, you never saw Allison crying and carrying on about her children. Cosi is a sore loser and a jerk. If I have to see that face or hear that voice one more time I will puke.He got one thing right, he is a loser.

  • Alison probably sees it as a holiday from her brats!
    Also, Alison’s husband isn’t at home with a bun in the oven. Cosi’s missus is. I think he’s entitled to be a little emotional, from time to time. :)

  • colleen

    Thats a little insulting to imply that a mother views her children as “Brats” and that she enjoys being apart from them. I had to be apart for my children due to an emergency and it made me worry so much about them . The point that I was making was that everyone seemed to bend over backwards for this guy. He knew what was expected and everytime he wanted something he turned on the water works and boo-hooed his way to a way to the outside. You make it seem as if mothers have no feelings and that men are the only ones that do.

  • I did no such thing. All I said was that Cosi is entitled to his feelings, and made a joke about Alison getting a holiday from her kids. If you’re actually a mother, you’d know that sometimes that is exactly what parents want.
    Besides, it’s clearly a joke and not at all insulting to Alison specifically and definitely not mothers in general. If they can’t handle a joke then they’ve no business raising children, to be honest.

    But if you want insulting, how about calling Cosi a “sore loser” and a “jerk”. Oh, but I suppose that’s okay, because it’s Cosi, right?

    You tell me that I’m making it seem like mothers have no feelings and only men do, right after you’ve specifically said that Cosi is worse then (sic) a woman. Which means you think only women are entitled to be emotional about their children and partners and any man who is more emotional at any point than any woman is somehow contemptible.

    Your attitude stinks, frankly. People like you are the real ones holding equality of the sexes back because it’s so insidious, as opposed to the overt sexism that is so widely denounced and despised.
    Men are just as entitled to their emotions as women and they’re not weak for expressing them, especially not in high stress situations.
    Cosi has done nothing wrong by showing some emotion, nor has Alison for not doing so. (And I should point out that Alison only has not done so on camera very often. That is different to not doing it at all.)

    Take your misandristic opinions elsewhere, they’re not welcome here.

  • Wehmer

    Oh shit, that was a killer burn.

    Good job sticking up for your thoughts.

  • jessica

    You call that a burn? Attacking a mother for her views has nothing to do with the subject at hand. Cosi is a snake.

  • Colleen is the one who brought up Alison’s “views” (her behaviour, actually) not I.

    And, again, I did not attack Alison.


  • jessica

    No, Colleen did not bring up Alisons views, Colleen expressed her thoughts about Cosi and You called her kids Brats. The point I was saying is that you attacked Colleen for her views and got off the subject. Stop twisting things around and play nice.

  • Colleen said, “you never saw Allison crying and carrying on about her children.”
    So, yes, she did bring up Alison first. And then I made a joke about her possibly welcoming the break from her kids. And then THE WORLD ENDED, I guess?
    I didn’t twist anything around, I set colleen straight on how things really are. As for playing nice? I generally do.

    But I don’t tolerate people talking utter bullshit and attempting to browbeat me into submission, particularly not on my own blog. If you go back and read the exchange properly, you’ll note my tone was “light banter” at first.
    Yeah, that light banter ceases when you go on the offensive against me.

    It also ceases when you try and tell me what to do on my own website. You don’t like it? THEN GO AWAY. It’s that simple. :-)

  • jessica

    Oh go back to your cave crawl back under your rock…

  • Funny, isn’t that exactly what I told you to do?

    Begone, troll.

  • Jeff

    I like Cosi a lot myself, although I understand why he would grate on some people. But I thought about why he’s so outspoken, and you have to realize what business he’s in. He’s a radio announcer and I got to hear a clip of him yesterday. These guys make their living by being controversial and funny, and Cosi’s not going to go from his radio job to the White House and suddenly become a wallflower. I’m from Denver, Colorado, USA and we have highly rated radio hosts here that are a lot like Cosi. Smart-assed, opinionated, and funny. If you don’t like Cosi, that’s fine but he’s just doing what he does best. I believe guys like him, and even like JJ, help the show’s ratings because they get people arguing and talking about the show. Seems like the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  • Oh, was that Alison crying and carrying on about her children tonight? HAHAHAHAHAHA
    Too funny. :-)

  • Wehmer

    For some reason, I just imagined you in a white robe with a staff yelling “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” >_>

    God I’m a nerd v_v

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