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8×21 – Pigs In Mud 2: Eliminee Boogaloo

Previously on The Biggest Loser the eliminated contestants returned for the start of the second chance process. They’ll have to battle it out for a weigh in pass and with only three on offer, it’ll be a tight race.

Tonight, with Mark and Chris already holding a pass and a challenge underway it’s down to Sam and Rosemary in a 5km spinbike race. First across the finish line will win the second weigh in pass. Whichever team loses will then go into a final round of battle with the yellow and pink girls in a cross country obstacle and orienteering course. Looks to be a very wet, muddy course they’ll be running. Hope somebody brought the backhoe!

Also the pink ladies are going to have another argument, probably over something silly again. Find out later!

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8×20 – The Eliminees Strike Back

Previously on The Biggest Loser Anita and Cher were sent home after losing the least weight AGAIN. The official Facebook page says it was the most emotional yet but I would have thought that’s still in Kevin and Rosemary’s hands?

Tonight it’s challenge night… But not! It’s all an elaborate ruse to disguise the returning contestants getting their chance to come back into the game at last!

Richard’s leading the celebrations for everyone in the kitchen. Final four, wooo! Gerald then brings up if the blues and greys have an alliance. He tells us they’re all calling him the King now and he hates it.

Richard asks if Gerald wants to have the conversation now or off camera and Gerald says no, now. Richard denies the alliance… then says that they have relationships in the house and if they stabbed him in the back he’d be disappointed. Soooo it’s an alliance. They just don’t want to call it that because OOOH REALITY TV ALLIANCES BAD EVIL. Etc.

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8×19 – Contestants return from being home and thus away

Previously on The Biggest Loser… Oh yeah! Half the contestants went home for the rest of the week thanks to the “power” of The Fridge.

And Amber whined about it SO DAMN MUCH. Anita went to hospital after an incident during training. We haven’t discovered what happened to her yet. Maybe tonight?

Tonight! Richard’s going to call Amber lazy which has probably been a long time coming. There’ll be a weigh in and an elimination, probably. With Anita’s injury it’s possible she’ll just be sent home with Cher and that’ll be counted as the elimination for the week.

Mish is the first trainer for Last Chance. It’s Richard and Katie with her and they don’t know what’s going on with their partners at home. But Mish is sure these two are willing to do the work. Michelle then points to some logs on the ground and tells her contestants she’s going to beat them with the logs. She cackles evilly.

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8×18 – Anita rips herself a new one

Previously on The Biggest Loser Amber chucked a tantrum because she still had to do exercise when she was at home.

Tonight a workout and then the weekly challenge. This week it’s a brains vs brawn challenge with the at-home contestants having to answer questions while the at-Fat-Camp contestants have to hold a weight off the ground. A weight that gradually increases as their at-home partner gets answers wrong.

Mish is urging her people on, telling them they’re carrying the bag for their teams this week. The others have gone home, get to sleep in their own bed, see their families, etc. The people still at Camp have to focus on losing the weight just in case the people sent home don’t lose any weight this week.

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8×17 – Amber is a whining whiny whiner!

Previously on The Biggest Loser Chris and Mark were sent home at the elimination after failing to lose enough weight and falling prey to an alliance within the house.

Tonight Anita and Cher will get their chance at a leap of faith. They didn’t get to do the original leap of faith and they chickened out of doing the abseiling. Looks like they might wuss out of jumping into the pool from a diving platform tonight. Also, Gerald has some sort of shocking revelation to share with Shannan. And The Fridge is promising BIG THINGS tonight. But can it deliver?

But as the episode picks up the contestants are chowing down on a huge lamb roast. Richard tells us he won’t miss Chris and Mark and now they’ve all started calling him King Richard because Mark said he sent the pawn in for the king at elimination. Richard doesn’t mind, thinks it’s all fun mind games.

Next day Commando Steve has Richard and Amber, Brett and Mandy for training out on the lawn. Steve reminds them that alliances don’t matter, just losing the weight to stay above the Yellow Line.

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