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TBL 5×52: So You Think You Can Dance, Fatty?

Previously on The Biggest Loser David gained weight, losing the Double Bracelet and gaining the Nothing Bracelet. Double Whammy!

Tonight, Jason Coleman’s going to train the contestants (and Michelle!) in some dancing stuff.
Plus a fight for Immunity between Phoebe, Lisa and Shannon. David’s ineligible this week, also as a result of having gained weight. Poor bugger’s being kicked from pillar to post!

Today the contestants are totally in the dark instead of the trainers, Michelle says. Michelle’s hair is… A mess. Apparently that’s all part of today’s surprise as Lisa and Phoebe both comment on it.
They’re training off-site today so they all pile into cars and head off.
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TBL 5×51: Desert Rats Revealed!

Previously on The Biggest Loser, a weigh-in with no Elimination to follow.

But David had to hand off the Double Bracelet and take the Nothing bracelet instead. Now Lisa’s got the Double Bracelet instead!

Tonight, lots of training and David gets a flogging from Michelle.
Plus a DVD care package from The Commando, featuring footage of Phil and Joe’s training in the Northern Territory.
Be interesting to see the reactions to that!
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TBL 5×50: The Worry-Free Weigh-In!

Previously on The Biggest Loser.. swimming! Diving off tall things! Hiking! NEW ZEALAND!

Also Phil and The Commando locked horns over a quad bike that was stuck in the mud.
Tonight, Round Two!

And back at Camp Biggest Loser there’s a weigh-in… with no Elimination to follow. Which is fortunate as someone has gained 100 grams since the last weigh-in. No idea how they managed that, maybe they ate too much kiwi fruit?
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TBL 5×49: The Hike Into The Past Thing Again…

Previously on The Biggest Loser… lots of New Zealandy things! Lots of Northern Territory-y things!

Tonight Phil’s going to get under The Commando’s skin. Well, he’s lasted longer than me!
Also the New Zealanders will be going back in time on one of those epic hikes where they add progressively more weight to the contestants until they get back to the weight they started the show with.

I really don’t envy Shannon right now!
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TBL 5×48: Masterclass New Zealand Style

Tonight on The Biggest Loser… Masterclass, New Zealand style! Some Kiwi chef cooking something or other.

Then a really tall building that will be their “leap of faith”… Didn’t Lisa and Phoebe already do that into the water?
Oh well, I guess the boys will get a chance this time, too!

First up is Masterclass, Maori style. They’re going to learn how to use a “tai har”? It’s a traditional Maori martial art. It’s good for strength, agility, coordination. But the real benefit is it lets them focus and quiet their mind.
“Lucky” seems to be the Maori’s name. Think that’s a traditional name?
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