John JJ Jeffrey (Season 3)

John “JJ” Jeffrey - Profile PictureName: John “JJ” Jeffrey
Age: 33 (20/02/74)
From: Goodwood, SA
Height: 187cm
Occupation: Truckie
Goals: To get himself a woman!

Starting Weight: 131.6kg
Week 1: 127.9kg (LOSS: 3.7kg)
Re-Entered White House prior to Week 5 Weigh In
Week 5: 119.1kg (LOSS: 12.5kg) (Since Day One, not previous weigh in.)
Week 6: 116.8kg (LOSS: 2.3kg)

(from the official site)
Food: Hamburgers, schnitzel and chips
Dessert: Chocolate
Drink: Beer or Cola
Tv Show: Mythbusters
Movie: Mad Max 1
Colour: Blue
Place to travel: Airlie Beach, North Queensland
Hobby: Girls

My reason(s) for applying for Biggest Loser are:
To lose weight; better health and well being; to help get the message out that health is important and for my fellow transport drivers.

I first realized I was overweight and needed help when:
I had to have my gall bladder removed.

I hope to lose weight but gain:
Better health and understanding of my body; learn how to prepare food that is good for me on the job and better respect from others.

The previous contestant I have found inspiring was (and why?)
Big Wal; he drove a fire truck and was a strong character.

The best part of being on Biggest Loser is:
Not knowing what ‘s going on and being out of control of my own actions.

I am preparing myself for this journey by:
Losing weight before the competition (walking and lifting weights.)

I think the most difficult part of being on Biggest Loser will be:
Being away from my family, friends and my truckie mates

My biggest weakness is:
My big heart!

Some bad habits I would like to get rid of are:
Smoking and late night eating.

The one thing I want Australia to know about me is that:
I am a great Australian and a true Aussie battler that will get the job done.

I think I will win the Biggest Loser because:
I am going to lose the most weight!

One thing I have never done because I was overweight and will do once I loose the weight will be to:
To go walking on the beach with my top off.

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