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The Biggest Loser: Ararat coming soon (?) to a TV near you…

Filming for the next season (?) of the show is already under way in the rural Victorian town of Ararat, according to The Ararat Advertiser.

The Biggest Loser crew, including the three trainers, will be going to Ararat to bring the healthy living knowledge hammer down upon the community, with plans to set up support groups and weekend workshops for people to attend if they want to get involved. There’s no casting call as such for those events, if you live in the area and are interested you can just rock up and take part.

There’ll also be a core group of locals, probably around 20, taken up to Camp Biggest Loser in Sydney to do the “intensive course” contestants on the show are used to. It’s unclear whether there’ll be eliminations involved in this, could make town life a little awkward if so?

The plans for this series seem to be aimed at some of the criticisms of the show, where people complain there is little support for contestants upon their return home. People like personal trainer Andrew Meade. I’m sorry, “former personal trainer on The Biggest Loser” Andrew Meade.

I’m not sure being the PT production hired for one of the eliminated contestants back in the second season really qualifies you as being on the show, but whatever.

With filming of The Biggest Loser: Ararat having begun in April and a 12 week timeline for their stay in the country town, we might just see The Biggest Loser again this year, potentially right after Masterchef finishes it’s second outing of the year.

Colour me excited!

8×34 – And the winner of The Biggest Loser Australia 2013 is…

Previously on The Biggest Loser… oh, I don’t know, THE ENTIRE SEASON. The finale is finally here!

Tonight the top three teams weigh in for the big prize, the other teams weigh in for the also-ran prize and we see how spiffy they look after dropping a bunch of weight.

Or how terrible they still look because they slacked off on the outside!

The top three teams are Gerald and Todd, the “Battlers from Bendigo”. Robyn and Katie, the “competition powerhouses”. And King Richard and his daughter the Fat Princess Amber. Who will win? Find out in like 80 minutes of drawn out reminiscing!

Looks to be a lot of green support in the crowd, good to see!

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8×33 – … you what? Seriously? Okay. Wow.

Previously on The Biggest Loser it was time to train the trainers for the contestants after spending the week gallavanting around the land of the hobbits.

Tonight it’s time for payback. The trainers will be taking the contestants out for a late night training session at a quarry with lots of hoses hosing them down as they go. Good fun!

Richard and Amber have immunity at the elimination so the other three teams are fighting amongst themselves. Orange say they’ve still got Blue’s back, but has Blue got their’s? It sounds like Richard may be planning to leave them in the dust, if it comes to that…

But first a shot of the mooooooooooooon. I like the moon. :-)

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King Dick says he was happier when he was fat

In an article from this week’s Woman’s Day “King” Richard Roach has revealed he was happier prior to appearing on the show and losing all the weight.

Not because he doesn’t like being fit, skinny and healthier in general, because of the torrents of abuse he and his daughter have received since the show started airing.

I’m a tough bloke and I can take whatever is thrown at me, but the [online] abuse my daughter has received has brought me to my knees. She’s too scared to go to work because people are threatening to bash her.

One of the cited online comments includes the suggestion Amber needs a “punch to the throat”, apparently taken from Facebook.

Leaving aside the issue of moderating such comments before the contestants can see them, it does seem a little bit of an extreme reaction, even for the clear “villains” of the season. It’s important to remember that, no matter how much they might annoy you on the show, we only ever see a very carefully selected slice of their lives. Wishing harm upon them is never acceptable as they are more than just the characters we see on screen.

Richard went on to claim the show is “100 per cent fake”, citing as an example the producers covering the family’s coffee table with junk food. Presumably that was the ridiculous KFC and pizza feast we saw at one point, which I had trouble believing at the time.

Perhaps the most interesting part, for me, is that this seems a pretty fair indication that despite all their attempts to manipulate the game they have ultimately not won the grand prize? Or perhaps it’s all an elaborate ruse…

Despite being painted as the villain, Richard does not consider himself an arrogant, bullying person.

[…] I consider myself a family man, honourable, caring and generous. I had to play the game to the best of my ability – it was to save my daughter’s life, and I’m proud of that.

The internet hate machine will forget you and your daughter soon enough, Richard. Don’t fall back into old habits and you’ll end up better for the experience, even if it’s a little rough now.

(Source: Woman’s Day. Thanks for the tip, Gissy!)

8×32 – Train the Trainers!

Previously on The Biggest Loser everyone was in New Zealand! Richard and Amber won a ticket straight to the finale and Janet and Kirsten have a one kilogram penalty for the final weigh in.

Tonight the final four teams return to train a bunch of schoolkids. And then train their trainers. Payback’s a bitch! And then a surprise photoshoot. Going to get all glammed up again and have some fancy pictures taken by a fancy photographer. Fancy!

The final four return to Camp Biggest Loser only to find the trainers in workout gear waiting for them. Shannan welcomes them back and then says it wouldn’t be Biggest Loser without a surprise for them. Janet was hoping for at least a chance to breathe. Nope!

Time to pay back the community who’ve supported them these past few weeks. Out the back of the house is 350 school kids and their teachers and the contestants will be training them!

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