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The Biggest Loser: Transformed – First Look!

The new series with the new idea and the new trainer is nearly here!

Channel 10 has finally started advertising the return of The Biggest Loser Australia, particularly during I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here (which has a few who could do with a stint on Loser!) and it is, of course, “Coming Soon”.

Probably right after I’m A Celebrity, then? And probably followed by the next series of Masterchef…

If you’d like to watch the First Look trailer for yourself you’ll have to go to the official site. The more you tighten your grip, the more eyeballs slip through your fingers…

The ad asks if we’re the very best version of ourselves. We’re all capable, says Shannan, but we make excuses, says new trainer Libby Babet. It’s never too late to change!

Like the show! The show has changed! It’s something they’ve never done before, Libby exclaims. Shannan says this is the show he’s always wanted to make.

Now, contestants? Transformers? Whatever.

Nikki – Full-Time Mum, wants to get into her dream bikini and feel beautiful and comfortable.

Simmo – Sales Manager, doesn’t date anymore because of his weight.

Jenny – Paramedic, wants to get fitter and healthier, and motivate her children to do the same

Lynton – Pilot Instructor, if he wants to keep flying he has to pass his physical and he doesn’t think he will in his current shape

Steph – Teacher, wants to feel fantastic in her wedding dress

Seems to be a few faces we don’t get to meet just yet as well, so expect some other stories to emerge as we get closer.

As per the shift to “Transformations” there aren’t any really grotesquely obese people this year. Simmo and Lynton seem the largest, but would have been middle of the road at most in previous series. Clearly need to lose weight, but not urgently so.

Still up in the air on whether there’ll be challenges, but Libby revealed in an Instagram post that she leads the new Orange Team. The post has since been edited so maybe she was not meant to reveal that just yet…

Are we ready for a new season?