Bob (Trainer)

Bob's Profile PictureAustralian audiences fell in love with Bob Harper in 2006. His work with the Australian contestants gave them inspiration and life-changing attitudes to fitness. He left audiences in tears and 2007 promises more of the same.

There’s no doubting Bob’s strict attention to fitness regimes and his passionate pursuit of results, but this exceptional trainer reaches beyond the concept of boot camp-style discipline to help contestants transform not only their bodies, but also their attitudes and self-belief.

Renowned as a top trainer in Los Angeles, Bob has always been in high demand, changing lives with his unique approach to physical fitness. But over the last 2 years, thanks to the exposure provided by The Biggest Loser, Bob has taken his holistic approach to the world, spreading a positive message and empowering millions.

Since his life-changing decision to join the expert team on The Biggest Loser, Bob has been lifted to the dizzy heights of television stardom. He has taken advantage of his profile to revolutionise health and fitness, spreading his positive message through virtually every form of communication. He’s in high demand as guest on television talk shows, features in popular magazines and travels the world, training hundreds of people at a time.

With Bob’s commitment and dedication to each contestant (just ask Adro!), he provides more than jaw-dropping physical transformations – he instils both mental and physical habits that will last a lifetime. From the exotic Far East to the star-studded gyms of Los Angeles, Bob Harper has changed the face of physical fitness. Now, Bob has taken the challenge once again, travelling down under again to change the lives of 14 overweight Aussies, on our second series of The Biggest Loser.

MySpace: trainerbob