Lisa Hose

Lisa Hose

Fellow teacher of School Principal, Jarna
Age: 41
Lives: WA
Height: 159 cm
Marital Status: Married
Children: Tegan, 12, and Chelsea, 14
Occupation: Education Assistant – works at school with kids who have mental disabilities

Lisa is sick of being the fat mum hiding in the back of photos. She is worried that her two daughters are ashamed of her and is scared that if she carries on eating the way she does she won’t live to see them graduate. She wants to set a good example to them both.

Lisa would like to look like she did when she first got married and says she wants to be sexy for her husband again. She loves her husband very much but feels embarrassed to accompany him to work functions especially as he’s fit and healthy.

Lisa is taking part in The Biggest Loser with her boss Jarna and admits that they both snack on cakes and biscuits with their morning tea at work.

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