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Shannan Ponton not really a tool?

Following on from yesterday’s allegations Shannan Ponton has responded in the papers today to deny that he was ever verbally abusive towards Jaime Wright and that he would ever be physically violent towards a woman.

“I live by the same respectful values that were instilled in me by my mum and dad, who were the best role models a man could have,” the 35-year-old said in a statement.

“I am deeply disappointed that anyone would insinuate otherwise. Ending a relationship is always difficult and upsetting for all parties concerned. I choose to keep my personal matters private.”

Fremantle and Channel 10 are now seeking legal advice over the possibility of a defamation suit, though it’s unclear from the article whether they’ve consulted with Shannan. It would be significantly more difficult to prove Shannan did not say the things Jaime has claimed without his cooperation so if he’s looking to move on it may not go far.

However if Shannan is involved in the process that’s a pretty clear indication that he believes he can prove she’s not telling the truth.

Either way it seems like we’ve not heard the last of this.


Shannan Ponton’s a bit of a tool?

According to today’s Daily Telegraph Shannan split with his girlfriend of six months after she couldn’t take his emotional and verbal abuse any longer.

Speaking exclusively to The Sunday Telegraph, Wright said she left The Biggest Loser TV show’s trainer because she feared he would become physically violent if their relationship continued.

“Pathetic bitch’ was his favourite thing to call me,” Wright said.

“He would be very aggressive, in my face and screaming, telling me I was a liar and a nobody with no friends. He told me everyone liked him because he is a TV star.”

Ponton has so far declined to comment. Fans of Shannan should read that as him choosing to remain classy.

Haters? It’s all true and he’s ashamed of himself.

Fencesitters… actually, everyone should remember that this is only one side of the story and not immediately convict Shannan of being a scumbag. He may very well have done as Wright has claimed but when the first we hear of something is a bunch of onesided mudslinging it’s worth remembering that there is always two sides to a story and often a good reason why only one is splashed across Page 3 and the other is kept private.

[Source: The Sunday Telegraph]

The Biggest Loser, you have been evicted. It is time to leave the White House.

Residents of the Duffy’s Forest area of Mona Vale where The Biggest Loser’s “White House” is located have kicked up a stink over, among other things, the stink emanating from the sewerage system that is so heavily used during production of the show. They wanted the show to be denied permission to film yet another season at the iconic White House and they were recently granted their wish.

More than 100 submissions made by residents to Warringah Council included complaints about odours from the on-site sewerage systems, lighting, traffic and an overall disruption to the leafy residential area of Duffy’s Forest, west of Mona Vale. [Source:]

Sydney is certainly not short on gigantic houses and assorted other venues in which the show could be filmed but after three seasons at The White House it’s likely to throw a spanner in the works at this late a stage. Filming for the new series was expected to start this month but that now seems unlikely.

I shudder to think of the rivers of sweat should they start filming in December. Unless they go deep into the Blue Mountains where the weather remains relatively mild, things could get ugly!

Ajay pleads guilty to fraud charges

Though she was again not in court on Tuesday, Ajay has plead guilty to fraudulently claiming Centrelink’s Single Parent Payment from December 2001 to December 2005.

She’ll be sentenced on the 13th of January next year and faces possible jail time, which may rule her out as host of The Biggest Loser or may just mean a temporary replacement may have to take over during filming.

In my unexpert opinion I suspect she won’t actually go to jail over this, it will probably be a community service order plus having to repay the money and go on a good behaviour bond. But I could easily be wrong…

Stay tuned for the next 2 months to find out!

[Source: The Daily Telegraph]