NatalieName: Natalie
Age: 38
Lives: Ararat, Victoria
Status: Married
Occupation: Division 2 Nurse
Favourite foods: Roast lamb, milk, doughnuts, chocolate, soft drink, lollies
Motivation to lose weight: Natalie desperately wants to have more energy to play with her children. She would also love to be able to wear bathers without a t-shirt and become a paramedic.

Natalie describes herself as open, strong and happy. She has had a tough life filled with heartache and has suffered emotionally and physically from her struggles. She is now embracing the opportunity to be on The Biggest Loser so she can spend time on herself and get her head right.

The only time Natalie considered herself to be thin was after first husband left her. “The weight just fell off as it was the only thing I could control.” Natalie was left to raise three children alone and pay off a hefty mortgage. When Natalie met her current husband Allan at the local pub, she started to gain weight; however, her weight has continually increased since the birth of her fourth child. Allan works on a farm and Natalie is looking forward to being able to help more once she gets fitter.

Natalie is a mother to three boys from her first marriage and a 20-month-old daughter, Jacqui, from her current marriage. She spends all her time on the children, especiallyJjacqui, who was born with a chromosome abnormality. A division two Nurse and a former Personal Carer, Natalie hopes to become a Paramedic once she feels she has more energy.A cancer survivor and self-confessed “hard-working mum who puts everyone else first”, Natalie knows this is now her time to focus on herself and beat her fears of thyroid cancer returning. “The Biggest Loser will enable me to do something for myself. It is my time now. I want to have more energy, learn to cook healthy meals and feel great about myself.”