Greg’s Profile PictureAge: 33
Height: 175
Start Weight: 151
Current Weight: 151
Target Weight: 90
Hometown: Glynde
Team: Red

As the quintessential Greek bloke, Greg calls the shots, whether it’s at work or at home. The problem is, whenever the father of two tells himself to go on a diet, he never follows his own orders. Greg is stuck in that typical dieting mindset where he’s always planning to ‘start on Monday’.

The hilarious character admits to becoming selfish, but the pressure of owning two businesses and the constant niggling complaints of his extended Greek family cause stress, and the only way Greg knows how to deal with that anxiety is to eat; it’s the only time he feels truly satisfied. The take-away shop owner is on a collision course with health problems and his father is worried that he’ll have to experience the worst heartache for any dad: to bury a son. In fact, Greg’s dad even offered $20,000 to his son to go a diet!

Greg travelled to the USA in 1993 to represent Australia in Grid Iron, impressing NFL scouts with his skill and fitness, but now, weighing 150 kilos, the physique he enjoyed as a youth seems like ancient history. It’s a depressing reality that makes him wonder how long he can hold on to his slim, attractive wife.

If there’s one rapid weight loss regime that could help to revitalise Greg, it’s The Biggest Loser. Expect plenty of laughs as this wisecracking contestant undergoes an incredible transformation. Greg may have control of his life, but now it’s time to get control of himself.

Note: This page will be updated as the series progresses!

Weightloss Progress:

  • Week 0: 148.8kg
  • Week 1: 138.7kg – LOSS: 10.1kg
  • Week 2: 134.8kg – LOSS: 3.9kg
  • Week 3: 132.3kg – LOSS: 2.5kg
  • Week 4: 126.6kg – LOSS 5.7kg
  • Week 5: 121.2kg – LOSS: 5.4kg
  • Week 6: 114.7kg – LOSS: 6.5kg