Teneale Cameron

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    Teneale Cameron

    Twin sister of Elise
    Age: 24
    Lives: Petersham, NSW
    Height: 161cm
    Marital Status: Single
    Children: None
    Occupation: Fundraising Officer for the Red Cross

    Teneale was slim until she was 18 years old. Her twin sister Elise, who she is taking part with in The Biggest Loser, was always the bigger twin and whilst she didn’t blame Teneale for that there was always some resentment between the sisters.

    Elise loves her twin but wants her to find her independence – she knows that Elise has locked herself away from society and relies totally on Teneale for friendship.

    Because she spends so much time with Elise she has lost some of her friends. Teneale and Elise just stay in together and Elise refuses to go out.

    Teneale wants to get her confidence back and is sick of people labelling her a sweet and quiet girl when in fact she’s naturally outgoing and bubbly.

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