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TBL 11×27 – And the REAL winner of The Biggest Loser Transformed is…

Previously on The Biggest Loser Transformed the whole bloody season happened! If you’re only tuning in now you’re a bit weird. If you missed most of the season because they changed the timeslot, well, that’s not your fault. It’s the fault of all the people who weren’t watching the show!

Today, in another new timeslot for the show, we finally find out who wins the really big prize, $100,000 for the best transformation. But we only get to pick from the final 6, even though basically everyone agrees either Anna or Jake should win. But they can’t, because they got eliminated.

Also, it’s a “Studio 10 Special Event” to try and claw back some ratings. The ladies from Studio 10 and Joe Hildebrand are hosting the show, but Fiona, Libby and Shannan are all dolled up and have chairs to sit in.

First up, Shannan is asked why he thinks it rated so poorly. Ouch, guys!

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