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TBL 7×47 – Makeover Day part forty-seven!

Tonight on the not-Friday episode of Biggest Loser that’s only a half hour long like Friday episodes usually are. But it’s Thursday!

More footage from the Makeover Day goings on, a catch up with Ryan and his dietary woes, Shane gets his Sammy-makeover and various other tids and/or bits!


As the new footage picks up we’re catching up with Shane. He says he was a little down on getting home after being eliminated in Week Two, but he’s picked himself back up since then.
Typical day involves a strong walk for an hour or so, come home and do 12 hours of work driving a forklift. Ouch. Then into the gym until they close at 9pm.
He’s set himself a long term goal of becoming a personal trainer himself. Quite a few contestants get into that line of work afterwards.
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TBL 7×46 – Michelle is sexy and she knows it. WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE, YEAH!

Previously on Biggest Loser… makeover makeover makeover makeovermakeovermakeover. MAKEOVER ALL THE FATTIES.

That’s really all we’ve seen a couple nights in a row now but it concludes tonight with Michelle’s makeover reveal. Plus a surprise!
Which is probably just Hamish so they can get more footage of awkward pashing…

Also tonight the contestants feel like dancing, gonna dance the night away! Graham’s going to get attention from allll the ladies in the club.
I’ve no idea why. I just don’t get it.

After the night of dancing there’s some kind of raft building challenge that looks like a bunch of fun. They always are fun to watch and they always bring lots of drama!
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TBL 7×45 – Makeover Day Part Two Is Filmed In Front Of A Live Studio Audience

Previously on The Biggest Loser the eliminated contestants are at Boot Camp with Shannan. Hooray!

Makeover Day kicked off and tonight the focus shifts from the makeup and hairdressing salon to the wardrobe department for a strut down the catwalk.

Who’ll prove most popular with the audience of a couple of hundred people they’ve roped in to watch them.

Anyway now they’re off to speak with Collette Harvey, a freelance stylist, who worked on the show for makeover day last year. She’s there to make them all look gorgeous!

Margies got a red top shown to her first while Collette asks her about pant sizes. Margie’s not sure she’ll fit into something smaller than a 20 just yet but Collette is optimistic!

Kasey’s been presented with a pink bottom/top and black in the middle frilly dress. She used to be a 22 but they’re going to try a 16 to start and they also have some 14s she might fit into.
But the first one they actually put her in is an 18 and it’s way too big so they go down a size to 16.

Now it’s time for the big reveals. There’s no full length mirrors at Camp, Mish says, so this will be their first chance to see how far they’ve come.

Alex is the first to see the reveal. Steve’s still amazed by how far he’s come when he walks in with the suit on and the new haircut and the goatee gone and so on.
Alex opens his eyes to see the full length mirror and it takes his breath away. He’s amazed. No more puffy face or huge gut or anything. Alex thanks Steve for his help in getting to where he is now.
Steve says he’s looking pretty good, coming from another bloke!

Margie’s next. She found it hard to even look in the mirror beforehand. She’d been that big for six years and it’s a long time, Margie says, to carry all that around with you. You lose the person you used to be.
When the mirror is unveiled all Margie can say is, “Whoa. Yeah.” Over and over. Mish says Margie fell back into the embarassed, comedian Margie. But she’s no longer a joke, Mish says. And she looks like she doesn’t even belong in The Biggest Loser anymore, Mish says. Margie’s a little embarassed by the praise but Mish tells her she’s got to take those compliments in when people tell her them.
Margie tells us she knows she’s done the hard work and experienced the pain but it’s come down to Mish’s belief in Margie that got her through. Margie tells Mish she loves training with her and respects her both as a trainer and as a friend. She loves her. Awwww!

Kasey’s next in her waddling stumbling embarassed walk. She says she thought of herself as ugly before coming on the show. She’s nervous she’s still the person she walked into the house as.
But she’s not. She looks quite good. Tiff says she looks fantastic and Kasey says her bum even looks good in this dress!
She feels beautiful and likes what she sees in the mirror. Normally she cries because she doesn’t like what she sees but today it’s because she does.

Out the door is a couple of hundred people who’ve come to see them walk the catwalk. Is Kasey ready? Kasey broke down at the public speaking thing but she’s changed a lot since then she says and she thinks she’ll do fine.

Some crowd interviews. One lady says she’s looking forward to seeing Margie in particular but also Lydia and Graham. Another girl is a Bathurst chick so she’s looking forward to seeing Graham since Carcour’s near Bathurst, apparently? She’s also lost a bunch of weight herself, she says. LURVE?
Another group of ladies are excited to see Alex and a young lad is looking forward to seeing Michelle because she has a great voice.

Um. You can’t see her voice.

The trainers have a wander down the catwalk themselves first to the cheers and applause of the crowd. Mish seems to be in charge of presenting the contestants and the story so far.

First down the catwalk will be… Lydia! A country girl from Tasmania.
Lydia comes out on stage in a blue dress. Wrong colour! Black belt around the waist and she’s having a good time, obviously. The crowd seem very impressed with the change as well.
Flashback to the conversation back at Lydia’s house where she felt like nobody would ever love her. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!
Now she feels like she’s someone worthy of love and attention and respect from other people.

If only she’d learn to respect others!

Lydia’s parents, who look like they might live in a hippy commune back in Tasmania, are waiting in the wings to see their transformed daughter. Big hugs, lots of tears, awwww!
Lydia loves her parents. They’ve supported her in this journey and they never made her feel bad about being overweight when she was younger.
Lydia doesn’t feel anxious and angry and worried about the day anymore, she knows things will be okay and at the end of the journey she’ll be the daughter she used to be.

Next up is Alex, introduced by Steve. Oldest contestant, a fighter since Day One and almost got sent home due to injury. And you might know him as The Boot! But his real name is Alex.
Alex is in a dark blue jacker and pants with a light blue shirt. There’s a big screen TV with pictures of Alex from the start. And he can barely recognise himself, he says. But then there’s a shot of him eating a t-bone steak and he says he recognises that!
Steve laughs and asks if he’s taught him anything!

With his injury, how’d he get through it? He just fought through the pain and with help from a letter from his sister with the bit about if you can’t run you can walk, if you can’t walk then you crawl, etc.
Speaking of his sister… She’s here to say hello!
His sister comes out with a huge grin on her face and a lot of shock, too. Big huge hug, awwww!
Alex says he’d never really thought about the worry he was putting his family through. They lost their Mum a bit over a year ago and that got her worried about how much longer Alex might have, given his weight.

Tiff says her contestant had never liked what she saw in the mirror until tonight! Yes, it’s Kasey out on the catwalk next.
She still walks a bit like a muppet in high heels but she’s getting better at it! She says she doesn’t feel self conscious about everyone looking at her for once. And it feels good to be putting herself first for once.
And her family is here tonight too! Kasey says if she knew they were she’d probably be crying instead of talking. Then her Mum and sister and Dad come out. Mum and sister are HUGE. Her Dad’s a bit overweight. And he says he’d’ve walked past her in the street without recognising her.
Then remarks he’s going to have to get the shotgun back out!

TSK! You can’t threaten the boys with shotguns anymore!
Tiff says she’s training Kasey in martial arts, it’s okay.
Kasey’s sister knew it was hard seeing her be married and have kids and so on. And Kasey had started to hibernate away from the world, wouldn’t go out even when invited places and so on.

Week Two of the competition and James left with $30,000, Shannan reminds us all. He was worried James wouldn’t be able to keep the weight off when he left. Shannan says James had lost both his parents and so the money could set him up for a long time. But he was worried James mightn’t be able to do it by himself.
But now we can all judge for ourselves!
James walks out onto the catwalk in some very cool threads. Jeans, a t-shirt, another shirt over the top but unbuttoned and a leather jacket over the top of that. That’s one too many shirts but I guess it’s the style of the time.
James wanted to prove that he could do it on the outside and prove that it’s not impossible at all, anyone can do it, it’s achievable to live in the real world and lead a healthy life.

Shannan tells James he should never have doubted him, he’s a survivor.

Next Blue Team member is going to come out on the catwalk, too. Luke got evicted after overindulging in alcohol.
Luke was a genuine contender for the title but since his eviction he’s done very well on the outside as well. Come on out, Luke!

Luke’s just in a simple blue shirt with blue jeans. Silver chain round his neck. And he goes past the “LUKE YOUR A HOTTIE” sign and grins. He probably doesn’t realise it’s grammatically incorrect either.

And since leaving Camp Biggest Loser, a certain something might be starting to blossom? Yes, there might be a bit of that, in the starting stages, maybe. We’ll see. Play his cards right and maybe love’s in the air. Does he love himself now? “Oh shit yeah!”
He says it’s very different, walking around in the world now, he feels a lot different to the way he used to, can hold his head up high now.

Mish next! Mish is excited to introduce the next person. She thought she had her work cut out for her when she first met her and over time they’ve gotten closer and closer and Mish even thought she might get jumped at one point. Introducing the new, improved, amazingly fit Margie!
Margie’s got a suit jacket on over the top of a ridiculously bright orange blouse, black pants and some nice dress shoes instead of her usual sneakers. Scrubs up pretty well!
After saying how much weight she’s lost she says it’s also all come off her neck!
She’d been pushing her Mum away for a while because she was so worried about Margie. Margie’s a grown woman, she says, and she can take care of herself. Well, not really, but she can now!

Well maybe she should tell her Mum herself. Margie says her Mum is sexy, got it going on, she’s 76 but she’s hot as!
Margie’s brother Mike is there as well. Really good to see her Mum so obviously loves her daughter. You know, in spite of her daughter being Margie.
Margie’s Mum says she looks amazing. She was worried about her daughter but she looks wonderful now. Mish has done a wonderful job, Margie’s Mum tells her. Margie had stopped listening to her Mum and her Mum had resorted to writing her letters. LETTERS! In this day and age! Get with the times, Mum!
Mum says it was really hard to write those letters, showing she loves them but so worried about them.

Mish says it’s not always been easy and Margie’s all, I’m standing right here!! Margie’s Mum agrees it can’t have been easy and Margie has another laugh and says MUM!
Margie’s brother says it was hard seeing Margie struggle. He loves her so much and it was hard seeing her not looking as good as she could and seeing their parents upset and so on. Mish must be a magician!
Margie, didn’t you have something to say to your Mum? Margie says she’s missed her Mum a lot, every day, so she must really love her. Awwww!
She’s also very sorry to have put her Mum through all that worry and she understands now where it was coming from. And Margie promises her Mum she’ll never have to worry about Margie’s weight ever again.

And last for the Black Team… Graham. Gentle giant, heart of gold, etc.

Graham’s still huge but he’s looking pretty spiff. Black suit, blue shirt. Steve says there’s more people in the crowd than live in his entire town but Graham’s taking it all in his stride today.
“We love you Graham!”
They’re playing the clips of Graham from the past and… He’s lost over 50kg but he doesn’t really look it. He’s not losing the weight around his neck and face which is where the really big change in appearance happens.
Graham says the version of himself in those clips was sad, lonely and an embarassment to himself and his family. His family mean the world to him.
And what do you know, there’s two of them here to say hello. Mum and Dad are there for him. They’re both obese as well so it’s pretty obvious where Graham picked up the bad habits!
Big hugs and cuddles. His Mum is very proud of him. Lots of tears in the audience as well. Awwww!

So what do his parents want for Graham now. Graham’s Dad claps Steve on the shoulder and says it’s time for him to find Graham a nice wife! Steve suggests it might be time for the boys to go to Vegas? BWAHAHA!
His Mum thanks Steve as well for being Graham’s trainer and everyone for their support of Graham. And Mum says to Steve that if he’s up their way he should call in. Awww, country people!

Final reveal is, of course, Michelle. When she came to Camp, Tiff says, Michelle had never been kissed, never had a boyfriend. Some of that has changed! (Woooo!) Tiff squeaks and says she loves it too.
Time to introduce Michelle.

But all we see is a pair of sexy legs in heels turn out onto the catwalk before…


Oh you son of a bitch!

Once makeover day is done it’s time to go out on the town for some dancing and Graham’s pulling all the ladies, it seems.

Then the next day the eliminated contestants get to sneak into Camp for a session in The Bunker to spy on their competition. Sneaky sneaky!

The other contestants will then be off to build some rafts and go paddling down a river. Looks like fun!


Previously on The Biggest Loser Lisa took a 1kg penalty into the weigh in and that sent her to Elimination where the Red Team finally lost its third member.

Shannan caught up with evicted contestant Luke.
Tonight we find out what Shannan’s been up to with everyone else who’s been eliminated.

Tonight, a workout in the mud on the paradeground followed by a hose down from the Commando followed by… MAKEOVER DAY!

But first, the fallout from Elimination. Margie and Alex had a dustup and the others are all feeling a bit weird about it all.

Alex breaks the silence first, announcing he has something to say. Alex says to Margie he blew up a bit at her and he didn’t mean to. He thinks he misheard what she said and it was wrong of him to butt in. He knows she lost a good friend and he’s sorry.
Margie says she can see where Alex is coming from but she didn’t appreciate being called a liar.

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TBL 7×43 – Super Sunday Smackdown? Swell!

Previously on The Biggest Loser… Michelle nommed ALL the chocolate cake, winning Immunity for herself and Kasey.

Lisa lost at the weekly challenge and has a 1kg penalty at tonight’s weigh in.

Tonight, Last Chance Training, weigh in, elimination and a catch up with evicted contestant Luke. Has he got his act together on the outside or will it be back to old habits?

Since Shannan’s bothering to catch up with him I’m going to guess he’s doing okay on the outside…
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