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    Name: Caitlin
    Age: 17
    Lives: Ararat, Victoria
    Status: Single
    Occupation: Nursing student
    Favourite foods: Pasta, dim sims, chips, lollies, chocolate
    Motivation to lose weight: Caitlin dreams of becoming a Medical Officer in the Army and her ultimate goal is to pass the fitness test. She also longs to help others who are not as fortunate as her.

    Caitlin is our youngest contestant. Describing herself as shy, caring and a non-salad person, she is sick of being the lonely nursing student who’s disconnected from the world. It is time for a change.

    Caitlin has always been chubby and never seen herself as a skinny person. However, four years ago, Caitlin lost some weight because she was playing netball and basketball at school. Unfortunately, she stopped as she felt like she was the fattest one on the court. She has always lived in Ararat and shares a home with her mum, step dad and brother, Brenton. Her grandmother is the closest person to her and she would do anything for her.

    Currently studying Nursing at Ararat Hospital, Caitlin is lonely and unhappy and hides the way she truly feels. She is a secret eater and stays in her room most of the time so she doesn’t have to face the outside world. “I always think people are judging me in public and at times that makes me feel even more worthless.” Even though she has one or two close friends, bullying got the better of her at school.
    Caitlin is sick of being held back and wants to reach her full potential and be happy again. Although she loves Nursing, she dreams of being a Medical Officer in the Army and ultimately succeeding in completing the fitness test. “I really want to make a difference and help others. I also want my mum and Grandmother to be proud of me.”Caitlin believes that The Biggest Loser is her ticket to change her future. “With like-minded people in the house all working towards a common goal, I believe it is the motivation I need. I can’t wait to really like myself and become more confident, outgoing and adventurous.”
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