Libby Babet (Trainer)

Libby Babet


A qualified journalist and health and fitness specialist, Libby Babet joins Shannan as the new trainer on The Biggest Loser: Transformed. Libby is the founder of two fitness businesses: Australia’s first “entertrainment” group The BUF Girls and athletic performance studio Agoga. She is also the co-founder of Chief Bar, a natural whole food protein bar.

Libby says: “I am so excited to get started on The Biggest Loser: Transformed. This is a show I’ve watched and been passionate about for a long time so I am thrilled to be a part of it.

“We have got some brilliant contestants from all walks of life here and they have all got so much to give and so much to gain. I understand the pressures of everyday life and how hard it is to find the time, but what I’m hoping to show them is that it doesn’t have to be hard. You can have fun with exercise and you just need to learn to train smarter.”

Libby has worked across television, newspapers and magazines, writes for various print and online publications and runs her own weekly health blogs.

Libby prides herself as a health andfitness specialist for the everyday person and understands the time constraints and challenges of life that can stop people from achieving their goals. Her approach is to help people make the shift from “I need to work out” to “I want to work out”.

“To me, fitness isn’t just about having the perfect body or obsessing to reach an end goal,” she says. “It’s about learning what the right choices are for you and why. And being consistent. You should enjoy it, not dread it.”