Hayley Lewis (Host)

Hayley Lewis - Host

The Australian public hold a special place in their heart for swimming champ Hayley Lewis.

An amazing sportswoman, who as a 15 year old, won five gold medals and one bronze at the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games, Hayley’s record for 1500m freestyle still stands today. Equally adored for her sporting prowess and ‘girl next door’ charm, Hayley was hailed as Australia’s ‘Golden Girl’ of the pool.

In 1992 Hayley went on to win Silver and Bronze medals at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, compete at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and was voted “Female Distance Swimmer of the Year” at the Telstra Swimming Awards in the same year.

In 1998 she took a break from swimming to give birth to her first child Jacob, with her husband Greg. With a new family focus, and no longer spending endless hours in the pool, Hayley struggled with her weight, so made the decision to join forces with Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centres as a key spokesperson [and again in 2006] to help her get back into shape. Her determination served her well, and after two years of blood sweat and tears, she shed the weight and returned to the pool, against all odds, to compete at the Sydney Olympic Games.

Considered one of the greatest comebacks in Australian sport, Hayley’s grit and determination serves as an inspiration to many, and none more so than this year’s Biggest Loser contestants. As the host of the new series, Hayley injects warmth and passion to the role. Not only an accomplished sportswoman with a thorough understanding of the importance of health and fitness, Hayley too can relate to the contestants as she has also struggled with her own weight issues in the past. As a mother of two children herself, she understands their motivation to lose weight – whether be for self esteem, become a good role model for their children, and for some, conceive a child.

Along with her new role as host of The Biggest Loser, Hayley owns and runs The Hayley Lewis Swim School in Queensland, which she opened in 2002. She lives in Queensland with her husband Greg and their two sons Jacob and Kai.