ShannonName: Shannon
Age: 36
Lives: Ararat, Victoria
Status: Married
Occupation: Console operator at the local BP
Favourite foods: Pizza, pasta, chocolate bars, chips, biscuits, cheese, dips
Motivation to lose weight: Shannon really wants to “live” life – to swim and dance with her children, to be around for many years and to one day become a grandmother.

Shannon describes herself as shy, kind and caring. A selfless mother to Ava, 9, and Eden, 6, she loves nothing more than being the devoted mum and wife. However, she is sick of sitting on the sidelines and wants to play a more physically active role in their lives.

Shannon was always active as child and played netball in high school, as well as walking to and from school every day. Once school finished, however, she stopped moving and the weight started creeping on. She has tried many diets and her weight has always yo-yoed. In recent years she has become an emotional eater. She also thinks her shift work at the local BP has a lot to do with her weight gain and the access she has to all the lollies and sweets.

Shannon is married to Scott and they adore their two children. Sometimes, however, her focus on the girls is to the detriment of her marriage to Scott. She believes she is a feeder and Scott is slowly putting on more and more weight. Her fears are immense, from heights to death, but her main fear is not being able to care for her family. “This is what I do best and love most.”  

Shannon is also an avid animal lover and therefore a vegetarian. Her weakness is sugar and she will sometimes sneak chocolate when Scott is in the shower.

Shannon hopes to make her family proud and prove to others that she is capable enough to lose weight and look after herself as well as her family. She longs for what she feels is missing in her life: her confidence. “I know that by going on the biggest loser, I’ll be able to break out of my cage, face my demons and become the woman, Wife and Mother I have always wanted to be.”

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