Laura’s Profile PictureAge: 20
Height: 175
Start Weight: 106
Current Weight: 106
Target Weight: 70
Hometown: Melbourne
MySpace: Laura (Warning: You may go blind.)

In Laura’s family there’s an old saying: ‘live to eat’. After all, during Laura’s 21 years, her parents have always owned a restaurant or eatery. The attractive and charming youngster admits to being spoilt as a kid and taking full advantage of the fine Italian meals on offer.

Her diet became so self-indulgent that she skipped the salads and went straight for the pastas, sharing a frightening weight problem with her father, ‘Big Joe’. Meanwhile, her two sisters applied the effort and discipline required, maintaining healthy bodies. It was only when her dad suffered two strokes and became a diabetic that Laura realised her life might be heading in the same direction.

Determined to reverse the trend, Laura is ready to become an inspiration to her father, who continues to battle obesity. By surviving the demanding competition and becoming one of The Biggest Loser’s many success stories, Laura could be the perfect role model for her ailing dad.

Weightloss Progress:

  • Week 1: 109.2kg
  • Week 2: 105.2kg – LOSS 4kg
  • Week 3: 103.8kg – LOSS: 1.4kg
  • Week 4: 101.2kg – LOSS 2.6kg
  • Week 5: 95.7kg – LOSS: 5.5kg
  • Week 6: 94.4kg – LOSS: 1.3kg
  • Week 7: 93.1kg – LOSS 1.3kg
  • Prelim: 87.4kg – LOSS: 1.5kg