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TBL 10×21 – La Temptation! Le French Patisserie! *french noises*

Previously on The Biggest Loser Sam was sent home from the elimination room after the Auvale-Jofre alliance held strong. This ruffled feathers, particularly Shannan’s, and resulted in Cliff having a very tough training session with Commando Steve.

And it might actually have done some good for Cliff. We’ll see.

The competition has moved to singles, technically, but expect a lot of the old rivalries and alliances to still be in play going forward.

Such as tonight, in The Game, with Temptation standing between contestants and a potential reward of some kind. The old Jofre-Auvale alliance are all partaking, it seems. Whether Cliff, Jodie and Mel will also cave in remained to be seen.

Later, after The Game is won and a training session is done, the weekly challenge involves standing on individual platforms way out on a lake. Last man standing will win… something?

Quite a bit of replayed footage at the start of this episode. We see the setup of Temptation all over again. The alliance has all stepped forward to take their chances. Cliff is asked if he’s in or out and he says he’s out, he thinks he made a breakthrough today in Steve’s training session. Cliff tells us his actions are going to speak louder than words from here on in.

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Previously on The Biggest Loser the Jofre family finally fell below the yellow line at the weigh in and now face a very tense elimination alongside the Hailwoods. The Jofres have an alliance with the Auvales which may yet save them.

And the result of the elimination tonight is going to have the trainers at each other’s throats. I don’t like it when Mummy and Daddy and Daddy fight. :-(

Before we get to any of that we have to go for another visit to the elimination room. Sam and Tony have been selected from their respective families to face elimination.

Jodie and Mel are pleased to get a chance to vote for once as they are usually below the yellow line with someone else. Their vote is fairly straightforward and they’re not too shy about saying it to each other and us, they’ll be voting to send a red team member home. Mel knows the alliance the Jofres have with the Auvales is strong, so their votes may not even matter.

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TBL 10×19 – Pestell Power! (Weigh-In Recap)

Previously on The Jofre Show we saw some kind of challenge that the Jofres won at and now have an advantage over blah blah blah. The Biggest Loser Families is becoming a bit predictable, might be time to screw the Jofres over with something they can’t win?

Or is the competition fixed so Michelle’s team wins because she has a baby on the way and babies are super expensive…

Speaking of which, tonight the trainers will be bickering among themselves again, it seems. Commando Steve and Michelle can’t help it if they picked the better teams, Shannan!

Cliff and Sam, the remaining Hailwoods, have spent the latter half of the week back at home arguing with most recent evictee Sylvia.

But first we have to resolve the challenge, which the Jofres actually aren’t winning. Sort of, as Tony accidentally jammed up the Pestell’s box of wood. They’re supposed to be slipping bits of wood they’ve sawed off into a clear fronted box. First box to get filled means that team is out of the challenge.

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TBL 10×18 – We Are Family! So Why Are We All So Angry?

Previously on The Biggest Loser we saw Cliff throw another childish tantrum, this time over his inability to build a decent contrivance to get water from a tank to a tube. The Jofres managed it and won yet another instance of The Game and now have some kind of ULTIMATE POWER.

Sylvia was eliminated last night and on the way out she threw some serious shade on her family and the rest of the house is seemingly in agreeance with her assessment of Sam and Cliff being a bit fake and only there for the money. That’s probably not helping Cliff’s mood and if the Jofres target them with their power things might go from bad to worse.

Tonight some players from the NSW Waratahs rugby union team are going to help out with some training. The girls are all a-flutter, big and dumb never really go out of style, huh?

So what’s in the box, red team? What’s your amazing power this time? They’re all quite excited about it. Rob says they might give it to someone or take it themselves, so not necessarily a bad thing?

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TBL 10×17 – Super TBL Families 64 Ultra HD Elimination Edition

Previously on The Biggest Loser Families The Jofres won again at the weekly challenge and then won again again at the weigh in. The White Hailwoods and Black Auvales will face elimination tonight. The Jofres will likely hold all the power there, too.

Tonight, elimination room! Sylvia’s going to get a bit backstabby but it’s not like bitching out her family can save her now, is it?

Later, the weekly Game is some kind of plumbing challenge, which will cause Cliff to lose his shit at some point. It looks like fun, but maybe not in a competitive setting.

But first, elimination room. The Pestells are on the good side of the table for once but they’ve no idea who’s going to come in to face elimination just yet.

We, of course, know it’s going to be Tenealle and Sylvia. They come in shortly after Fiona calls them in. Tony didn’t want to look around because he’d guessed who would be coming in and he was right. They wonder if Sylvia is up because she was pushed or because she volunteered and Sylvia said it was a bit of both. Cliff and Sam think they’ll be stronger without her and the others also figure they wouldn’t split willingly.

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