Chris Profile PictureAge: 23
Height: 198
Start Weight: 149
Current Weight: 118
Target Weight: 85
Hometown: Sydney

On the eve of a promising journey to the USA to play first grade basketball, Chris’ life suddenly turned upside-down. 18 years old and tagged as a potential star, he suddenly woke up, unable to breathe. The jovial character had virtually been starving himself to become a streamlined competitor to the point where his body had a dramatic reaction.

Chris’ dreams of success as an athlete were dashed by a panic attack. Losing his place in the squad and faced with an uncertain future, he turned to the typical vices of an 18 year-old: smoking and drinking. 8 years of hard work had been wasted as his basketball career slipped from his grip.

After years of being the big larrikin, few things have changed but recently, Chris has regained his hunger for success. With a mother battling cancer and a father with type 2 diabetes, it’s time for Chris to once again be the inspiration. Is it too late to reach out and grasp that dream of being a basketball star? Thanks to The Biggest Loser, Chris may have one more shot.

Weightloss Progress:

  • Week 0: 149.5kg
  • Week 6: 118.2kg LOSS: 31.3kg
  • Week 7: 111.8kg – LOSS: 6.4kg
  • Week 8: 104.8kg – LOSS: 7kg
  • Week 9: 101kg – LOSS: 3.8kg
  • Week 10: 93.1kg – LOSS: 7.9kg


Chris started The Biggest Loser in the first week when the other contestants started, however he left the house immediately after weigh-in, along with fellow outsider Kimberley, and was trained in the outside world by “The Commando”, a well known face on the show who has haunted the nightmares of the existing contestants.

The gap in his weigh-in from Week 0 to Week 6 is because while they were weighed in during their time outside the house, none of those figures were revealed, only the current amount has been recorded.

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Chris’ Makeover