Jodie (Pestell)

Jodie Pestell

Jodie Pestell

AGE: 30
STATUS: In a relationship
OCCUPATION: Unemployed
WEIGHT: 159 kgs

While Jodie is equally as loud and strong-willed as her twin, she is less opinionated and admits that she lets Ali do a lot of the talking for her.

After quitting her job to relocate with her long-time partner Anthony, Jodie has not been able to find a new job and feels that her weight is hindering her chances – despite her many qualifications, she can’t seem to get past an interview.

Jodie would love to marry Anthony but does not want to walk down the aisle at her current weight. Jodie loves helping to raise her niece and longs for a baby of her own. But she knows if she wants it to happen, she will need to lose weight.

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