Gerard’s Profile PictureAge: 43
Height: 175
Start Weight: 133
Current Weight: 133
Target Weight: 85
Hometown: Bentley
Team: Blue

There was a time when Gerard lived a happy life with a loving wife and 3 great kids. He was the stereotypical husband, working late, taking his wife for granted and allowing his weight to balloon. But that all came to a shocking end when his marriage dissolved.

Gerard has always suspected that obesity contributed to the break-up that left him in the role of a single dad, raising 3 kids. The Biggest Loser’s resident Mr Mom is the ultimate sensitive new-age guy, preaching the importance of good parenting and becoming wise to the evils of misogyny. But for Gerard, much of that wisdom has come too late.

With his ex-wife ‘moving on’ and the realisation that he has plenty of living to do, Gerard hopes The Biggest Loser will equip him with the fitness to keep up with his active kids, and a physique that may attract a new love. As a handsome single man with intelligence and a great sense of humour, a trim body could make Gerard quite a catch.

Note: This page will be updated as the series progresses!

Weightloss Progress:

  • Week 0: 133.5kg
  • Week 1: 126.1kg – LOSS: 7.4kg
  • Week 2: 122.1kg – LOSS: 4kg
  • Week 3: 120.6kg – LOSS: 1.5kg
  • Week 4: 116.4kg – LOSS 4.2kg
  • Prelim: 99.7kg – LOSS: 4.3kg


    Since leaving the show Gerard has lost a total of 33.8kg, going from a 5XL to a regular XL, with hopes of fitting into an M by the finale!