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TBL 7×72 – And the winner of The Biggest Loser Australia 2012 is…

The Biggest Loser Australia 2012 Finale starts now!

It should have started quite a few minutes ago but Masterchef, a prerecorded-months-ago show, didn’t run to time. Which I’m sure is not at all related to their dismal showing in the ratings for their debut episode. Not trying to grab some of that Biggest Loser audience, no sir.

Anyway, on with what we’re all waiting for – FINALE!

This year sixteen overweight singles went into Camp hoping to lose weight and maybe find love. Most of them succeeded in the former and a few have even succeeded at the latter.

Cue the montage! Lots of shots of the grossly obese complaining they wanted to find love and nobody would want them because they’re fat and not because some of them are really quite awful people. Nope, it’s just because they’re fat.

In the time I wrote all that they’re still running the recapped footage of the season and talking about the JOURNEY.

Get on with the reveals and the weigh ins, dangit!

The Final Four is Margie, Alex, Kasey and Brenda. In case anyone has forgotten since Sunday.
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TBL 7×71 – Penultimate Episode. Penultimate Weigh In. Ultimate Elimination!

Previously on The Biggest Loser they revisited the obstacle course from earlier in the season, this time the trainers completed it with their contestants.

Tonight! Last Chance Training takes place in a cage underneath the ground. And Tiffiny’s going to bust out some ninja moves on the contestants. Exciting!

Later, the weigh in is dramatic, as usual. Then a twist at the elimination leaves everyone gobsmacked. More exciting!

This is the final Last Chance Training, Shannan says, so they’ve got something special in store for the remaining contestants.
They’re down in the basement and there’s a cage with the trainers standing inside, looking fierce. Kasey says she thinks they might be doing some cage fighting!

Time for the contestants to step up and prove they’re worthy of a spot in the Finale.
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Finale has been shifted to Tuesday night.

Probably. They may yet decide to reschedule it again? Who knows.

Currently it’s set to air 8-10pm on Tuesday so if you’re wanting to record it, set your timers appropriately.

TBL 7×70 – Loser Outtakes Special! Also, Sammy invades Camp for a chat…

Previously… oh right this is Thursday!

More behind the scenes footage tonight! Alex giving Steve his Train the Trainers workout.
Sammy comes to Camp! To have a chat and stuff.

And outtakes. Juicy, glorious outtakes. I love outtakes in everything. Good to see the people behind the characters having some fun!

But first, recapped footage from the week. BORING. Seriously, Channel 10, if you run this half hour show again next year, dump all the recapped footage and include more new stuff!
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TBL 7×69 – SIXTY-NINER DUDE!!! (Legend pep talks and an obstacle course)

Previously on The Biggest Loser there was a big group workout and the contestants all did a good job at getting some Aussies working up a sweat!

The contestants hosted a cocktail party, catered by themselves mostly, then mingled with a bunch of singles from a dating service and from the internets.
So, they mingled with a bunch of creepers!

Tonight! Loser Legend Bob returns for a chat, along with a couple of Aussie sporting legends. And Masterchef champ Eamon Sullivan.
Later, they revisit the crazy obstacle course from earlier in the show where two champions from each team had to traverse the various obstacles together.

But first the contestants come out onto the paradeground to meet all four trainers. Never a good sign, usually means they’ve cooked something up for them.

So how’d the cocktail party go? They had fun. Alex got “one or two” phone numbers, much to Mish’s delight.
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