Mel’s Profile PictureAge: 24
Height: 183
Start Weight: 108
Current Weight: 108
Target Weight: 75
Hometown: Wollongong
Team: Blue
MySpace: melrussell07

As a teen, Mel was part of an elite training programme within the demanding sport of rowing. Somewhere in the recesses of her memory, she knows what it takes to be a powerful athlete. But since giving up the sport, Mel has retained the high-carb diet and watched herself inflate, becoming an extreme opposite of the committed individual who handled the ritual of training all those years ago.

Obesity certainly hasn’t made Mel feel any less self-conscious at the food magazine where she works, especially since she shares offices with the snooty staff of glitzy fashion magazines. At age 24, Mel still hasn’t been involved in a serious relationship. There was a time when Mel was full of hope and slimmed down to please an admirer but when that promising relationship floundered, the lost kilos returned.

It’s time for a young lady with limitless potential to regain the mindset and work ethic that she mastered as a teen. And when the self-confidence returns, who knows? There may be a little room for love.

Note: This page will be updated as the series progresses!

Weightloss Progress:

  • Week 0: 108.4kg
  • Week 1: 100.7kg – LOSS: 7.7kg
  • Week 2: 98.7kg – LOSS: 2kg
  • Week 3: 96.4kg – LOSS: 2.3kg
  • Week 4: 94.7kg – LOSS 1.7kg
  • Week 5: 90.2kg – LOSS: 4.5kg
  • Week 6: 88kg – LOSS: 2.2kg
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