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Two More Teasers, With Footage From The Show!

The official site has just added two new teaser clips, both contain footage from the actual episodes this time. Are Richard and Amber ready for Michelle? It sure doesn’t seem like it in the first clip!

The second clip has Commando Steve putting Gerald and Todd through the wringer, as well as an early backstory revelation – Gerald has a daughter with spina bifida. Which means Todd has a sister with spina bifida. It’s unclear whether anyone has a daughter with spina bifida. You may need to watch the show for that.

Or, of course, read The Biggest Loser Recap. :-)

Two More 2013 Sneak Peeks!

Noticed over the weekend that a new ad for The Biggest Loser was running during Masterchef and lo, they’re up on the official site today. Click here to watch them for yourself.

The two new partnerships are both mother/daughter pairings. Janet and Kirsten discuss Janet’s badgering of Kirsten, suggesting she’d pay for a gym membership if she wanted to do something about her weight. Kirsten resented this as Janet herself was obese, so shouldn’t she be doing something too?

The answer is yes, if you were wondering.

The other pair is Robyn and Kate. Kate was an Army cadet but was unable to proceed further as she was too fat for the “real” Army. I’m not sure how she expected to survive in the Army if she can’t get her weight under control, but maybe with The Biggest Loser’s help, she can? Seems a natural fit for Team Commando, no?

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks. There’s a bunch more teams to go!

First 2013 Sneak Peeks!

The official Biggest Loser website has just posted the first two sneak peek advertisements for the 2013 season.

You can watch them by clicking here.

There’ll likely be more coming in the days and weeks ahead.

This year it will be parents and children, it seems. Gerald and Todd are father and son and poor Todd comes home from school upset most days as he’s been the subject of bullying due to his weight.

While he may go back to school thinner, being on the show probably isn’t going to do him any favours when it comes to being bullied. So let’s hope Gerald and Todd get Shannan as their trainer!

The other pair revealed today are father-daughter team Sam and Jess. Jess has recently had a stroke at the age of 21. As you might imagine, that’s a bit scary and she’s looking to change her life, etc.

If you’ve seen any ads start popping up or you notice more teasers go up on the official site, let us know in the comments!

OK Magazine catches up with five former contestants

Today’s OK Magazine comes with a two page spread on five of last year’s contestants, all in their swimming togs and with a little Q&A alongside. The featured contestants are Brenda, Simon, Bek, Lydia and James.

James left after just two weeks last year, taking a $30,000 offer after Temptation and ended up doing very well on the outside. Since the finale he’s managed to lose another 5kg and while he says he’s not yet at his goal he does look much healthier than when he was on the show.

Lydia’s put 2kg back on since leaving… and has also hooked up with her housemate, Pete. Totally called that!

Simon, whose relationship with Lisa was a high point of the series, has lost another 2kg since the finale and while he is no longer with Lisa he has managed to find another lady. Lucky boy!

Brenda is the worst of the bunch, having put 10kg back on since the finale. She does say she feels great and much more confident now, which is nice.

And saving the best for last, Bek. Bek weighs exactly what she did at finale, has moved to Sydney for her day job and had some modelling gigs for a plus size agency on the side. And I would still totally pash her.

For more details or to see the accompanying pictures go to your local newsagent/supermarket and pick up a copy of OK Magazine. There’s probably something else worth reading in there somewhere!