Kellie Moon

Age: 33
Goal weight: 69kg
Lives: Engadine, NSW
Height: 176cm
Marital status: Married
Children: Two boys
Occupation: Marriage celebrant

Kellie enters Camp Biggest Loser with a fierce determination to return the passion to her marriage and rescue the relationship with her two sons, who refuse to play with her due to her size, which understandably breaks her heart.

Trading friends and partners for inaction and food, Kellie has abandoned the once outgoing side of her personality and now shelters from the world, only leaving the house to indulge her food cravings, which invariably include takeout.

Rather than avoiding them, Kellie wants to be able to once again look a mirror head-on and see the reflection of a fit, healthy mum who embraces an active lifestyle and provides an exemplary role model for her kids.

How are you related to your teammates?
Sister and cousins.
What is your favourite food?
Chicken breast stuffed with Mersey Valley cheese, wrapped in prosciutto, twigs of thyme on top – baked in the oven with baked veggies and lots of gravy!
What are your hobbies?
Swimming, outrigger canoe paddling and surf life saving.
Where would you like to travel most?
Canada to visit one of my best friends Bec and her hubby. They have lived there for 10 years but due to having work commitments and children I haven’t been able to visit them yet.
What is your dream job?
I love my job now, but would love to work in the TV industry after this experience on The Biggest Loser.
What’s your idea of a good night out?
I love going out –my ideal night would start with getting all glammed up at a hotel with the girls sipping champagne with strawberries, followed by a night on the town dancing and having a few drinks.
What made you decide to go on The Biggest Loser?
I wanted my life back. After years of losing my confidence and self-esteem I let my weight fluctuate and became a very inactive mum.
What is your ultimate Biggest Loser goal?
To walk out of here a new woman, full of life and confidence, ultra fit and strong, ready to live my life and be a better wife and mother.
What is your favourite TV snack?
What are your biggest fears about the competition?
Going home early and not experiencing enough or learning what it takes to reach my goal.
Who is your favourite ex-contestant? Why?
Tiffany – a gorgeous girl inside and out that looked amazing at finale.
What will you miss most while in the house?
My husband and two gorgeous boys.