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TBL 10×09 – Post Temptation Training, Bonus Trainers!

Previously on The Biggest Loser a shock departure from the show caused ripples, though not the ones you might expect. Rina from the Auvales was sent home at elimination but all the Pestells wanted to talk about was how hard done by they felt.


The Game can also be Temptation, not just puzzles and strange building challenges. Tony ate the most calories in order to win and tonight we find out whether it was worth it and just how furious Michelle will be with her team.

Speaking of Michelle, do you think she has a baby Commando inside her yet? Probably too soon, huh? Tiny fit scary baby!

Tonight is also the night we find out if the Hailwoods are going to lose a family member to some kind of injury during a challenge. Or will they make us wait until Sunday to find out? Hmm.

But first, it’s still raining at Camp Biggest Loser but everyone’s working out. Some of them look to be working out a little harder than others *coughAlicough*.

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TBL 10×08 – Elimination Time! And Temptation! And Argumentation, Again!

Previously on The Biggest Loser nobody lost particularly good numbers on the scales and there was a lot of shouting and arguing, particularly between the White Hailwoods and the Blue Pestells.

Tonight the Pestells and Auvales face elimination. Who will face the music for each team tonight?

Later, Kayla reveals a secret to Tiffiny in training and then the food van arrives for the first Temptation of the year. Though maybe it’s “The Game” now.

But first, elimination discussions. The Hailwoods are upset at having to do it again but not as upset as they would be if they had to face elimination themselves. They’re weighing up who is likely to be put up and they think Moses from the Auvales will be up again and people will vote him out because Rina won’t cope without him, Kayla says. Nor will Johnee. Kayla doesn’t like the Pestells, but they might become an ally later on. They do like the Auvales, but they’re a massive threat. Big dilemma!

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TBL 10×07 – Pigs In Mud Conclusion, Weigh In Drama Llamas

Previously on The Biggest Loser Dr Swan came in with his bio age business again, though now it’s “body age”. Whatever, dude.

A four way tug of war in a mud pit was started, with the prize on offer being immunity from the next elimination. The Hailwoods, Cliff in particular, has been spitting the dummy over the Jofres helping the Pestells to get a flag. No sense arguing about it, guys. Get on with it!

Tonight, they get on with it! Cliff’s still fuming as a new round starts. Hailwoods still have all three flags to get, Jofres, Auvales and Pestells are all down to two. Which also means two contestants per side. So the Hailwoods have three and like their chances now. They’re trying to get themselves going by screaming they don’t want to lose to cheats.

They’re really not cheating, it’s one of the strategies, you would know this if you’d watched previous seasons. Silly!

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TBL 10×06 – Your Bio Age Is Bad And You Should Feel Bad

Previously on The Biggest Loser we said goodbye to Terry, the first eliminated contestant of the year. He seems to be doing well on the outside, so it’s not all bad news.

But there’s a lot of bad news back at Camp as the rest of the Pestell family has turned snarky. Er. Snarkier.

Tonight we find out what the prize was from last night’s challenge and then it’s time for Dr Swan to reveal the contestant Bio Ages. Later on… PIGS! IN! MUD! Guaranteed to be a mess and cause a fuss.

Tenealle opens the case and inside is a cheque for $20,000. But they don’t get to keep it, it has to be given to one of the other families. But if the family accepts it they have to leave the house immediately. They’re already throwing that in there? Put it on the Pestells, they’d probably run away and buy pies!

Next day, when Tenealle has to reveal the power to the rest of the house, everyone is speculating on what it could be. Johnee’s hoping she’s gone from the house with $100,000. But that’s not it, we already know.

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TBL 10×05 – Elimination Beckons For Pestells and Auvales

Previously on The Biggest Loser the old weightloss record was smashed at the first competitive weigh in for the year. Johnee lost over 17kg in a week, which is pretty awesome but also kind of ridiculous.

Tonight the Pestells and Auvales have to send one person each into the elimination room to face the Hailwoods and Jofres. Who’ll they send, who’ll get sent home, who’ll get very angry about it even though it’s part of “the game” every year?

Later, a new challenge. There seems to be some foodstuffs and questions involved.

But first, into the elimination room for the very first time this year!

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