Alex’s Profile PictureAge: 37
Height: 167
Start Weight: 157
Current Weight: 157
Target Weight: 95
Hometown: Ringwood North
Team: Red

Could there be a more difficult environment in which to lose weight than a thriving Mongolian restaurant? Surrounded by delicious food in his successful eatery, it’s no wonder that Alex has found it impossible to control his weight. But for this loving father of two, obesity has cost the friendly restaurateur dearly.

While holidaying with his wife, Alex became the subject of a humiliating experience. When he tried to squeeze into a tight-fitting wetsuit, the zipper came loose, ricocheting and causing the couple embarrassment. Later in their hotel room, Alex reached for his wife, expecting comfort. Instead, he experienced the cold shoulder as his wife admitted that she no longer desired him.

For a man like Alex, losing his family has been the ultimate price to pay. Faced with the frightening prospect of starting anew and finding love, Alex is determined to never make the same mistake again. Let’s hope this heartbroken dad can find a new romance with the help of The Biggest Loser.

Note: This page will be updated as the series progresses!

Weightloss Progress:

  • Week 0: 155.2kg
  • Week 1: 144.6kg – LOSS: 10.6kg
  • Eliminated – Alex was the first contestant to be eliminated from the competition, via voting. He was second, overall, to leave after Sarah left in a matter of days.

    Since leaving the show, Alex has gone on to lose an addition 28.2kg and is continuing to lose weight at home.

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