Pati’s Profile PictureAge: 26
Height: 172
Start Weight: 125
Current Weight: 125
Target Weight: 70
Hometown: Bayview
Team: Red

Family means everything to Pati and there’s no shortage of love and support within her huge mob of Torres Straight Islanders. But without her own family – a loving partner and children – she can’t help feeling incomplete.

Pati was told to never waste food as a child and that lesson has led to an obsessive need to finish every meal, regardless of how full she feels. It seems that the message got across, but all too clearly. Now, she realises her weight problem and unacceptable eating habits are the worst possible example for the young relatives and extended family she loves so dearly. She also believes that obesity is rife and too often accepted among islanders and indigenous people.

In order to be a strong role model and have a chance to start her own family, this vivacious and loving young woman needs radical change in her life, and let’s face it – in terms of weight loss, there’s nothing more extreme than The Biggest Loser.

Note: This page will be updated as the series progresses!

Weightloss Progress:

  • Week 0: 120.2kg
  • Week 1: 114.9kg – LOSS: 5.3kg
  • Week 2: 111.5kg – LOSS: 3.4kg
  • Week 3: 108.9kg – LOSS: 2.6kg
  • Week 4: 105.1kg – LOSS 3.8kg
  • Week 5: 101.4kg – LOSS: 3.7kg
  • Week 6: 96.3kg – LOSS: 5.1kg
  • Week 7: 94.1kg – LOSS: 2.2kg
  • Week 8: 92.6kg – LOSS: 1.5kg
  • Week 9: 90.0kg – LOSS: 2.6kg
  • More Pictures:

    Pati’s Makeover

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