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… and now, The Biggest Loser Finale. WOOOOOOO!!!

Lisa, Wayne, Joe and Shannon are the Final Four competing for the big prize. The other contestants will also be competing for a minor prize.
Except for Chris, who accepted a payout.
And except for that guy who’s up on charges of possessing nudie pics of minors.

But otherwise they’ll be trying to win money. Yeah!
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TBL 5×66: The Pre-Finale Final Episode

Previously on The Biggest Loser Phil and Joe returned to Camp Biggest Loser, more determined than ever before!

Tonight, the very last Last Chance Training on the Final Day at Camp and only one Castaweight will go on to the Finale and the final weigh-in for everyone else will determine this year’s Final Four. Very exciting, peoples!

The show opens in darkness! Night time, last training session, searchlights covering the yard, a pile of junk in the middle, Michelle and Shannan have VERY SERIOUS FACE.
And natty jumpers!
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TBL 5×65: Final Masterclass for this year!

Tonight on The Biggest Loser the contestants come full circle! They’re doing some training of other people, learning how their Bio Age has changed, some more cooking with Janella and…

BOB! Bob’s coming back for a chat to the few contestants remaining. We love you Bob!

Last Masterclass, Lisa says. She’s loved them all though. They’ve learned so much and met so many wonderful people.

So they’re spending a training session outdoors. They’re doing it with Michelle and a special guest trainer.
The training today has been around since the 1920s. Pilates! It’s good for flexibility, core strength, posture and balance.
Today’s special trainer is Rachel Crompton. Former professional ballet dancer, has danced at the Moulin Rouge and dancers like using pilates for rehabilitation after injuries.
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TBL 5×64: Phil and Joe emerge from the Wilderness!

Previously on The Biggest Loser… dream outfits were revealed and Wayne looked alright in his footy gear and Shannon looked alright in his upcoming wedding gear and Lisa looked great in her wedding dress and Daina looked fucking epic in her bikini!

Tonight Phil and Joe will be returning to Camp Biggest Loser at last, but who’ll be the one to make it back into the competition?
Also the remaining contestants will be going white water rafting, I assume before Phil and Joe return but who knows!

Beep beep, I’m a jeep!
Uhh, I mean, in the Northern Territory Steve is driving his jeep towards Phil and Joe while two horseback dudes trot alongside, each leading a second horse with them.

Yes, they’re going to help herd cattle with a couple of stockmen from Mount Bundy Station.
It won’t be easy but that’s the way Steve likes it!
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TBL 5×63: Dream Outfit Night. Hubba-hubba!

Previously on The Biggest Loser David was eliminated and Wayne won the not-so-Super Challenge.
As a result Shannon is now wearing the Nothing bracelet once again. He’s been wearing it for most of the season anyway…

Tonight an emotional buttkicking training session with the Camp Losers being confronted by some of the nasty things they’ve been called in the past.

Michelle and Shannan walk up to Camp again. Michelle’s leg is still gimpy, obviously. Shannan gentlemanly opens the door for her. Aww!
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