Cameron and Samantha

CameronName: Cameron Fisher
Age: 52
Height: 178cm
Lives: Qld
Status: married to Donna for 22 years.
Children: Margaux (23), Samantha (20) and Brayden (19).
Occupation: franchisee owner of Bob Jane T-Mart.
Biggest Loser partner: Sammy (daughter)

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“My wife is my motivation; I want to be able to keep up with her in the next chapter of our lives together without the kids.”

When Cameron’s wife Donna laid down the law and said she would leave him if he didn’t lose some weight, he knew it was time to get serious. This business owner wants a future where he can lead an active social life with his wife and do all the things that couples enjoy once their children are grown. On a recent trip to Greece where Cameron and Donna were the youngest people on the cruise, he finally realised it wasn’t his age holding him back but his weight when he couldn’t walk to the top of a hill to see the sights.

Cameron has lost weight before, shedding 40kg in 2001. The problem for him was sticking with it, “I just gave up because there was still so much to lose in order to get to my goal weight. My problem is I need and want instant results.”

This father is very close to his daughter Sammy, who he also works with and the two are the only overweight people in their family. “Sammy is an angel whom I’ve never had an argument with,” says Cameron of his Biggest Loser partner.

“I’m looking forward to being able to go to the gym after work for an hour, and go out with my wife to functions and events,” says this contestant of his future. “Overall, I am looking forward to a new lifestyle with a happy wife and good health.”

Favourite foods:
Aussie burger (hamburger with cheese, bacon, egg & pineapple).
Deep fried food
KFC/Red Rooster/Steak House
Thick white bread
Jaffas, chocolate, ice cream

SammyName: Samantha Fisher
Age: 20
Height: 162cm
Lives: Qld
Status: Lives with boyfriend.
Occupation: Sales consultant.
Biggest Loser partner: Cameron (father)

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“I’ve seen what weight problems have done to my parent’s relationship. They are happy but it puts a massive strain on their life.”

20-year-old Samantha is living with a boyfriend who says he loves her no matter what her size is but her anxiety over her weight is starting to seriously affect her quality of life. “I’m getting too shy to do things,” says the sales consultant who works at her father’s business. “I agree to go to things I’m invited to, then the fear gets too much and I don’t go.”

‘Sammy’ is very close to Cameron, her father and Biggest Loser partner, and admits they sneak bad food treats together at work. Being the sister of a Broncos cheerleader has sometimes been hard for this contestant, “I love her and she always includes me but at the end of the day I’m uncomfortable and I’m not her.”

Sammy attributes the start of her weight gain to a critical dance teacher when she was younger. After the teacher reprimanded her for weight gain when she was nine, Sammy quit dance classes and the weight began to pile on.

This young woman wants a future where her size won’t interfere with any of her plans, such as having her dream wedding and being a mother.

“It’s what I need,” says Sammy of being part of the Biggest Loser. “I need to be made to feel uncomfortable and raw. I’m also really excited at the thought of being around other people who feel like me – to feel normal in a group is amazing.”

Favourite foods:
Potato bake
Chocolate mousse
Cheese and biscuits
Hazelnut chocolate