RodgerName: Rodger
Age: 51
Lives: Ararat, Victoria
Status: Married
Occupation: Baker
Favourite foods: Steak, meat, pizza, beer, red wine
Motivation to lose weight: Rodger’s main motivation to lose weight is to spend more active time with his son and be around long enough to build a strong relationship with his future grandchildren.

Rodger is a loveable larrikin, a real Aussie bloke who doesn’t give much away. He says what he thinks and has no problem with what others think. He is a true Ararat local and has been living in the town since the age of 5. Rodger loves nothing more than a “well-cooked steak, a drop of red, a few beers and above all a good laugh”. He claims that his weight has never held him back.

Growing up, Rodger was an avid lifesaver at his local pool. He loved football and started playing AFL at school; now he enjoys watching it. His relationship with food and alcohol is always revolved around a social time – and laughter with his mates.

Rodger’s main struggle is his work. As a Baker he starts at 3am and won’t eat his first meal until 1.30pm that day. After consuming a steak sandwich, he heads home and cracks open his first beer for the day at 3pm.Rodger is looking forward to becoming healthier. His weight doesn’t bother him, but his alcohol consumption and general health is a concern. “There is a lot of life left in me yet. I can not wait to take my dog for a proper run.”

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